• Automated Vehicles Subcommittee

  • The purpose of the Automated Vehicle Subcommittee is to work with the AAMVA jurisdictions, law enforcement, federal agencies and other stakeholders to gather, organize and share information with the AAMVA community related to the development, design, testing, use and regulation of autonomous vehicles and other emerging vehicle technology. Based on the group's research, a best practices guide will be developed to assist member jurisdictions in regulating autonomous vehicles and testing the drivers who operate them.

    For more information contact Brian Ursino

    AAMVA is pleased to announce that Highly Automated Vehicle Technical Assistance is available. AAMVA and NHTSA recognized the need to provide educational based technical assistance to jurisdictions as they expand their understanding of vehicle technology and develop a strategy to address AV testing and deployment. Technical assistance will be facilitated by AAMVA and conducted by jurisdictional subject matter experts and AAMVA staff. The costs to provide the technical assistance will be funded by NHTSA.

    A complete description of the available assistance and an application can be found here.


    Bernard Soriano, PhD (2022)
    Deputy Director, Registration Operations
    California Department of Motor Vehicles  

    Vice Chair
    James Fackler (2021)
    Director, Office of Program Support
    Customer Services Administration 
    Michigan Secretary of State 


    Captain Richard Arnold (2021)
    Commander, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
    Michigan State Police

    Kevin Lacy (2022)
    State Traffic Engineer
    North Carolina Department of Transportation 
    Kevin Biesty (2023)
    Deputy Director for Policy
    Arizona Department of Transportation 
    Steve Madrak (2023)
    Division Chief
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Christopher Caras (2021)
    Director, Driver License Division
    Utah Department of Public Safety 
    Ronald Rysavy (2023)
    Senior Dealer Agent
    South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles
    Marcy Coleman, Esq. (2022)
    Asst. Administrator, Safety & Regulations
    Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles  
    April Sanborn (2021)
    DMV Services Manager III
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
    Chief Jeffrey Dixon (2023)
    Chief of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
    Florida Division of Highway Patrol
    Courtney Saxon (2022)
    Deputy Director, Field Services
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
    Asst. Chief David Jenkins (2023)
    Assistant Chief
    California Highway Patrol
    Angela Schneider (2023)
    Legislative Analyst
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    Lt. Christopher Kinn (2023)
    Crash Reconstruction Commander
    Ohio State Highway Patrol 

    Rick White (2023)
    Deputy Director, Division of Motorist Services
    Florida Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
    Christopher Koermer (2023)
    Transportation Director
    Maryland Public Service Commission 
    Daniel Yeh (2022)
    Manager, Vehicle Services
    Iowa Department of Transportation 

    Canadian Representatives 

    Federal Representatives 


    Jacqueline Milani
    Highway Safety Specialist

    Wendy Doyle
    Executive Director, Office of Traffic Safety
    Alberta Transportation
    Thomas Kelly
    State Program Manager

    AAMVA Staff 

    Casey Garber, Manager, Vehicle Programs

    Brian Ursino, Director, Law Enforcement  

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