• CDL Driver Training

  • AAMVA does not develop or provide materials for driver training. However, AAMVA does recommend completion of a recognized driver training program such as a Professional Truck Driver Training (PTDI) certified course. 

    AAMVA CDL Manual

    AAMVA's Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual is a comprehensive test preparation resource for CDL candidates. This manual is intended to prepare an applicant for the license and testing process, however it is not a subsititue for a certified driver training program. 

    The content has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ensuring that your licensing program will meet all applicable standards.

    To learn more or to place an order for AAMVA Commercial Driver's License Manuals, contact problemsolvers@aamva.org


    Other Training Materials

    Formal training materials developed specifically for training entry-level commercial vehicle operators should be used and can be otained from the following organizations.