• e-Odometer Task Force

  • In response to the outcome of the E-Title Proof of Concept and Roadmap, AAMVA approved the E-Odometer Disclosure Task Force to work toward a solution for electronic odometer disclosure processes that would protect the consumers and allow enough flexibility for states to evolve from a time consuming paper process to an electronic process.

    In anticipation of NHTSA prescribing regulations to permit written disclosures or notices and related matters to be filed electronic the Task Force developed multiple considerations concerning e-odometer disclosure processes that should be taken into account for all stakeholders. Flexibility was a key factor in developing the report in order to allow states an option to implement within budgetary constraints. The report also considers the specific actions within the process and the importance of authenticating the disclosure.

    For more information, contact Casey Garber.


    E-Titling Working Group 

    The E-Titlling Working Group was formed in 2010 to develop best practices that would assist jurisdictions with the development of uniform procedures and approaches for an electronic title program. Electronic title programs are being implemented in Virginia, Texas, and Wisconsin, and South Dakota has passed enabling legislation. It is anticipated that most jurisdictions will consider electronic titling as they continue to look for ways to reduce cost and enhance efficiency. To date, states have developed their own unique approach to implementation without standards or best practices available for guidance to follow. The Working Group will serve as the member sounding board/advisory group for e-title proof of concept that will evaluate the processes for a true electronic title process. Stakeholders, barriers and/or solutions will need to be determined prior to implementing an e-title program.

    View the charter.

    To assist jurisdictions implementing E-Titling, the Working Group has produced documentation of the data and processes used in E-titling:

    (The e-Titling Working Group was disbanded in 2014, and the E-Odometer Task Force was formed.)

    Ms. Julie Baker 
    Chief, Bureau of Issuance Oversight
    Florida Department of
    Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles


    Ms. Donna Bauer
    Manager III / Policy Analyst
    California Department of
    Motor Vehicles

    Mr. Scott Clapper 
    Chief of Vehicle Services
    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

    Mr. Michael Farnsworth 

    Ms. Kathleen Bunn
    Staff IT Manager
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles  

    Ms. Kay Kishbaugh 
    Vehicle Inspection Division
    Pennsylvania Department
    of Transportation

    Mr. Andrew Lewis 
    Assistant Director Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
    Iowa Department of Transportation

    Mr. Michael McCaskill 
    Business Resources Consultant
    Florida Department of
    Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

    Mr. Thomas McCormick 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General
    Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

    Mr. Paul Nilsen 
    Wisconsin Office of General Counsel

    Mr. Stacey Rockwell 
    Iowa Department of Transportation

    Mr. Clint Thompson 
    Chief of Title Services
    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

    Mr. Joseph Hill
    Assistant Commissioner
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    For more information about this working group, please contact Casey Garber, Project Manager, 573.632.0245, Cathie Curtis, 207.395.4100, or Geoff Slagle, 703.342.7459

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