Driver Records

It is important that all drivers have a single driving record. If drivers have more than one record, convictions could be spread across different records in multiple jurisdictions and information could get lost. Having one record can help detect and keep unsafe drivers off the roads. 

A driving record includes information about the driver, as well as their driving history. The driver record includes traffic violations, suspensions, tickets, mailing address, and other information.

AAMVA's State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) allows states to determine if a driver license applicant has a license in another state. The Driver History Record is an expanded feature of S2S which consolidates driver records across jurisdictions into one standardized record. It also supports the electronic exchange of out-of-state convictions and withdrawals. This feature provides better intrastate communication for nationwide consistency, prevents bad players from slipping through the cracks, eliminates a slow paper and manual process, and makes the driver license a more secure identity credential. The result is safer roads and more secure identities. Learn more about S2S and the driver history record by watching this video.

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