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  • CDL Coordinators/IT Meeting

    BarwickAppreciationCert-2017CDLCoordinatorMtgAAMVA and FMCSA held the 2017 CDL Coordinators/IT meeting in St. Louis, MO last week. Thomas Keane, Director, FMCSA's Office of Safety Programs and AAMVA President & CEO Anne Ferro welcomed the meeting attendees, emphasizing the important safety role jurisdictions play in achieving CDL uniformity and compliance, and the partnerships that FMCSA and the jurisdictions have created. The 3-day meeting provided a forum for federal, state and court officials to share expectations, challenges, and achievements regarding the CDL program. More than 242 state, federal and court CDL experts were in attendance to discuss national CDL issues such as compliance with the CDL Permit & Testing Rule, Medical Certification rulemakings, driver license and other MAP-21 and FAST Act requirements. The meeting also featured sessions on the relationship between the courts and the jurisdictions and the importance of how the two entities must continue to work together to increase highway safety. Also at the meeting, Anne Ferro presented James Barwick of South Carolina (pictured to the right) with a plaque of appreciation for his years of dedication and his contributions to the Test Maintenance Subcommittee and the CDL Program  Presentations and materials from the meeting will soon be available on the Presentations from Past Events page. Photos from the event are also available on AAMVA's Flickr page. 

    Don't Miss This Exciting Opportunity to Become a Member of the Autonomous Vehicles Working Group -- Applications Are Due Friday!

    AAMVA is seeking to fill two vacancies on the Autonomous Vehicle Working Group with jurisdictional members. The purpose of the Working Group is to work with the AAMVA jurisdictions, law enforcement, federal agencies and other stakeholders to gather, organize and share information with the AAMVA community related to the development, design, testing, use and regulation of autonomous vehicles and other emerging vehicle technologies. Based on the group's research, a guidance document to assist member jurisdiction in regulating autonomous vehicles will be completed. This Working Group has been meeting for two years and is committed to at least one face-to-face meeting in 2017 and will hold several conference calls. Members of the group conduct research, draft portions of the guidance document in small groups and independently. Members may also be called upon to speak publicly about the working group. For more information about the Working Group, please contact Cathie Curtis, (207) 395-4100. If you are interested in applying for the working group, please complete the application and send to Dianne Graham at committees@aamva.org by Friday, April 21.

    Here are the most popular stories from AAMVA Regional News - April 14, 2017.

    Settlement Reached In State's DMV Computer Lawsuit (Rhode Island)

    State officials and the company installing a new computer system for the state Division of Motor Vehicles have reached a settlement in a lawsuit about the cost of the new system, state officials announced Wednesday morning. Read the full story at ProvidenceJournal.com. 

    Maryland Has Booted More Than 4,000 Uber Drivers for Failing the State's Screening Requirements

    Maryland has booted more than 4,000 of the state's ride-hail drivers off the roads since December 2015, because they failed to meet the state's screening requirements, despite passing Uber and Lyft's background checks, according to the Maryland Public Service Commission. Read the the article in washingtonpost.com. 

    Motion Filed to Bring Back Lawsuit Against DMV (Virginia)

    A new motion has been filed to resurrect a lawsuit over a Virginia law that suspends people's driver's licenses if they fail to pay court fees. Read the full story at NBC29.com.

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