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  • AAMVA Board Meets

    The AAMVA International Board of Directors held their winter meeting January 11-12 in Orlando, FL, providing direction on strategic AAMVA initiatives such as NMVTIS, S2S, and CSTIMS, and thanking the Financial Sustainability Steering Committee for wrapping up their work that resulted in reduced fees for members. The Board also received briefings from CCMTA, IRP, the Industry Advisory Board and three US government agencies. Embedded in the Board's work last week were discussions about the future, underscored by AAMVA's extensive work on Automated Vehicle model state guidelines and the proof of concept underway using AAMVA's Mobile Driver's License functional needs whitepaper. Members interested in finding out more about these initiatives can visit AAMVA's website.

    Non-Commercial Model Driver Testing System (NMDTS) Now AvailableNMDTS Cover Image

    AAMVA's Non-Commercial Model Driver Testing System (NMDTS) is now available! This new resource contains two components: the AAMVA Model Driver's License Manual and the AAMVA Model Mentor Guide. AAMVA's Model Driver's License Manual is a template to assist jurisdictions as they prepare and publish their own manuals. The information is updated to reflect current laws and necessary information drivers need to understand driving rules and pass their licensing test. AAMVA's Model Mentor Guide offers tips and support to parents and other individuals assisting new drivers in learning and practicing their skills. It offers general guidelines on planning and conducting behind-the-wheel driving experiences with new drivers, as well as the basics of using and driving a vehicle. Visit AAMVA's Best Practices page for more information, and to download other best practices and model legislation.

    Alaska to Join State-to-State Verification Service (S2S)

    Alaska will begin using the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) on Monday, January 29th. Tasks related to on-boarding Alaska will be conducted during the weekend of January 28-29. During this process (Saturday evening to Monday morning), there may be periods during which the CDLIS/S2S Central Site is in inquiry-only mode or is unavailable (over and above the regularly scheduled maintenance window of 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM on Sunday, January 29th). Following Alaska, several states will be joining the S2S program throughout 2017. Please visit the State-to-State web page for a full timeline and more information.

    New Card Design Standards Committee Chair

    AAMVA is pleased to announce that Kami Beers, Chief of Driver Services for the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), has been selected as the new Chair of the Card Design Standards Committee. At the Delaware DMV, she is accountable for evaluating, planning, coordinating and implementing initiatives to ensure that Delaware remains in compliance with federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and policies regarding driver licenses, commercial driver licenses, and driver improvement programs. Her position requires interaction with legislators, attorneys, law enforcement, and state and federal agencies regarding Delaware's motor vehicle laws. She has been a part of the AAMVA community since 2009 and has served on several AAMVA working groups including AAMVA Code Dictionary, CDL Audit, Map-21, CDLIS Change Proposal Review Committee, CDLIS Working Group, Card Design Standards Committee, State-to-State (S2S) Pilot, and S2S Compliance Committee.  Kami also attended and graduated from the inaugural 2014 AAMVA Leadership Academy class. 

    Here are the most popular stories from AAMVA Regional News - January 6, 2017.

    New Rhode Island Licenses List Hair Color as 'Unknown,' DMV Says it's Not a Glitch

    Rhode Island began issuing driver's licenses and ID cards with a new Newport Pell Bridge design this past summer, but they also include a line for a piece of information not formerly included on local licenses: hair color. Read the full story at WPRI.com

    New Hampshire DMV Now Offering Real ID Compliant Drivers Licenses 

    New Hampshire was one of the first states to fight REAL ID and is among the last states to issue licenses and ID cards that meet the standards of the the Sept. 11th-inspired law. Read the full story at NHPR.org

    REAL ID Warning Signs Appear at Airports

    Now you can't say you weren't warned. Signs are sprouting up at many airports to alert travelers that beginning Jan. 22, 2018, the Transportation Security Administration will begin strict enforcement of the REAL ID requirements at airport security checkpoints. Read the full story at USAToday.com.

    Virginia Automobile Dealers Association Appeals DMV Ruling on Tesla Store in Henrico 

    The Virginia Automobile Dealers Association is going to court to appeal a recent decision by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles that would allow electric automobile maker Tesla Motors Inc. to open a company-owned dealership in the Richmond area. Read the full story at richmond.com. 

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