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  • CSTIMS Participation Continues to Grow

    Participation in the Commercial Skills Test Management Systems (CSTIMS) continues to grow, with 33 states projected to be in production in 2015, up from 13 in 2013. In addition, 9 jurisdictions are using the ROOSTR lite application. The cumulative number of tests scheduled through CSTIMS has also grown-- reaching the 1 million mark last month. Learn more about CSTIMS

    AAMVA Alert – Update to S2S Migration Plan and CDLIS Blackout

    To minimize the operational impact on jurisdictions, AAMVA has updated the previously announced State-to-State (S2S) migration plan and the associated CDLIS Blackout period.  The revised migration plan will begin July 2nd with full CDLIS operations restored by Monday, July 6th. All other systems (PDPS, NMVTIS, SSOLV, etc.) will be up and running during their usual available hours with the exception of a brief intermittent outage between 9PM and 10PM on July 3rd.  Please refer to the full AAMVA Alert for daily schedule and details. 

    CDL Final Permit Compliance Rules: Member Resources Available

    CDL CLP Testing Final Rule - Small Button Ad The federally mandated Commercial Driver's License Testing and Commercial Learner's Permit Standards requires compliance by U.S. jurisdictions by July 8, 2015. In order to assist members in implementing the requirements laid out in the final rule, AAMVA has pulled together a series of tools and resources and is making them available online at http://www.aamva.org/CDL-Permit-Final-Rule/.

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    AAMVA 2014 Year in Review

    (Most read stories from AAMVA Regional News – June 26, 2015)

    DMV Cranks Ignition on Production of Black California License Plates

    California license plates are finally back in black. The Department of Motor Vehicles announced Monday that it had started production on new California plates with black backgrounds and yellow lettering. The model, originally used from 1963-69, is available through the California Legacy License Plate Program – a result of Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s Assembly Bill 1658. Read the full story at SacBee.com.
    CHP Officer Charged in DMV Scandal (California)

    A California Highway Patrol officer is the second person to be charged in connection with a DMV bribery scandal. Carlos Ravelo is accused of illegally transferring a temporary driver’s license to a driver, once in September 2013 and again in January 2014, according to an indictment unsealed in San Diego federal court last month. Read the full story at UTSanDiego.com.

    DMV Tackles Fraudsters Seeking Driver's Privilege Cards (Vermont)

    n January 2014 Vermont enacted a law that established a new kind of driver’s license called a driver’s privilege card. The identification allows undocumented immigrant farmworkers residing in Vermont to drive legally in the state. Read the full story at Digital.VPR.net.

    Louisiana Governor Vetoes Police License Plate Readers Because the Data Collection Is ‘Fundamental Risk to Personal Privacy’

    License plate readers mounted on police cruisers and road signs in some areas of the country are a controversial bit of technology. Though their use has expanded in some areas, other lawmakers have pushed back, the latest being the governor of Louisiana. Read the full story at TheBlaze.com.

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