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  • AAMVA Board of Directors

  • Direction and leadership for AAMVA begins with the Board of Directors. The decisions of the board, which holds meetings throughout the year, are executed by the AAMVA President and CEO along with AAMVA staff. 

    ( Download a printable board list by region.)

      * Ex-Officio (non-voting)  |  [ ] = Appointed Term  |  ( ) = Elected Term

    Officers / Executive Committee Members 

    Holcomb-Richard - Headshot - thumbnail

    Richard Holcomb 
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    Chair (2016)


    Jean Shiomoto
    California Department of Motor Vehicles      
    Vice Chair (2016) 


    Kurt J. Myers
    Deputy Secretary 
    Pennsylvania Driver & Vehicle Services 
    Secretary/Treasurer (2016)

    Lahm Rhonda Headshot thumbnail

    Rhonda Lahm   
    Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
    Member at Large (2016)


    Mark D. Lowe 
    Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
    Immediate Past Chair (2016)


    Anne Ferro
    President & CEO 
    American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators



    Kent Abernathy
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Brewster Whitney Headshot thumbnail

    Whitney Brewster  
    Executive Director  
    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles  


    Coombes Terri Headshot thumbnail 
    Terri L. Coombes   
    Deputy Chief of Staff  
    Director of Programs & Policies  
    Illinois Office of the Secretary of State   


    Brenda R. Coone
    Deputy Commissioner of Revenue
    Alabama Department of Revenue

    Boyd Dickerson-Walden (headshot)
    Boyd Dickerson-Walden
    Chief Information Officer and Director
    Division of Information Systems Administration
    Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

    Francis Heidi headshot thumbnail
    Heidi Francis   
    Assistant Deputy Minister   
    Ontario Road User Safety Division  

    Hernandez Scott Headshot thumbnail
    Scott Hernandez 
    Colorado State Patrol 
    Department of Public Safety 
    Law Enforcement Representative 

    Robert D. Ide  
    Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles  

    Lisa Kaspar 
    Kansas Department of Revenue 
    Director (2016)

    Kohler Pat Headshot Thumbnail 
    Pat Kohler  
    Washington Department of Licensing

    Susan Lucas Headshot
    Susan Lucas 
    Director, Driver & Vehicle Licensing 
    Insurance Corporation of British Columbia 
    Canadian Jurisdiction Representative 

    Martinez Raymond headshot thumbnail

    Raymond Martinez 
    Chairman & Chief Administrator 
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission 

    McClellan Tom Headshot thumbnail

    Thomas L. McClellan  
    Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services  

    Brad Simpson Headshot (thumbnail)
    Brad L. Simpson  
    Utah Division of Motor Vehicles  

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      Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

      (Archived meeting minutes.)

      2015 Board Meeting Minutes

      2014 Board Meeting Minutes

      (Archived meeting minutes.)

      View the "Meet the Board" playlist on AAMVA's YouTube channel:

      Each region has its own Board of Directors and an AAMVA director of regional member support.  

      Region I

      President: Robert Ide, VT
      Vice President: Patty Morneault, ME
      Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Vien, DE
      Members at Large: Christine Nizer, MD; Graham Miner, PE
      Past President: Kurt Myers, PA
      International Board:  Kurt Myers, PA (Secretary/Treasurer); Heidi Francis, ON; Robert Ide, VT; Ray Martinez, NJ 
      Regional Director, Member Support: Patrice Aasmo 

      Regional Director, Member Support: Patrice Aasmo 

      Minutes from AAMVA Region I Board Meetings

      Region 1 

      Links to Region I Jurisdictions

      Region II 

      President: Fred Williams, KY
      1st Vice President: Linda Cone, TN
      2nd Vice President: Robert Irving, VA
      Secretary/Treasurer: Kevin Shwedo, SC
      Members at Large: Whitney Brewster, TX; VACANT; Boyd Dickerson-Walden, FL
      Past President: Brenda Coone, AL
      International Board: Richard Holcomb, VA (Chair); Brenda Coone, AL; Whitney Brewster, TX; Boyd Dickerson-Walden, FL

      Minutes from AAMVA Region II Board Meetings

       Region 2

      Links to Region II Jurisdictions


      Region III

      President: Rhonda Lahm, NE
      Vice President: Lisa Kaspar, KS
      Treasurer: Jane Schrank, SD
      Secretary: Kristina Boardman, WI
      Members at Large: Kent Abernathy, IN; Ward Keith, MB; Mike Wartella, MI; Dawn Olson, MN; Mark Nelson, ND; Don Petit, OH
      Past President: Terri Coombes, IL
      International Board: Lisa Kaspar, KS; Mark Lowe, IA (Immediate Past Chair); Terri Coombes, IL;  Rhonda Lahm, NE (Member at Large); Kent Abernathy, IN
      Ex-officio: Anne Ferro, AAMVA President & CEO
      Regional Director, Member Support: Sheila Prior 

      Region 3 

      Links to Region III Jurisdictions

      Region IV

      President: Pat Kohler, WA
      Vice President: Sarah Garcia, MT
      Treasurer: Mike Dixon, CO
      Secretary: Terri Albertson, NV
      Past President: Tom McClellan, OR
      Members at Large: Will Duran, NM; Firoz Mohamed, AB
      Law Enforcement Member At Large: Col. Ralph Powell, ID
      Member: Susan Lucas, BC; Jean Shiomoto, CA; Scott Hernandez, CO
      International Board: Tom McClellan, OR; Pat Kohler, WA; Jean Shiomoto, CA (Vice Chair); Col. Scott Hernandez, CO (International LE Member at Large); Susan Lucas, BC (Canadian Member at Large)     
      Ex-officio: Anne Ferro, AAMVA President & CEO

      Regional Director, Member Support: Sheila Prior

      Region 4 

      Links to Region IV Jurisdictions

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