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  •  Direction and leadership for AAMVA begins with the Board of Directors. The decisions of the board, which holds meetings throughout the year, are executed by the AAMVA President and CEO along with AAMVA staff.    

    List of Members



    Meet the Board
    Mark Lowe (Vice Chair 2014)
    Meet the Board
    Jennifer Cohan (Chair 2014)
    Chair to Chair
    Stacey Stanton (2013) and Jennifer Cohan (2014)
    Catching Up with the Chair
    Stacey Stanton (2013)

    Each region has its own Board of Directors and an AAMVA director of regional member support.  

    Region I

    President: Kurt Myers, PA
    Vice President: Robert Ide, VT
    Secretary/Treasurer: Patty Morneault, ME 
    Members at Large: Anthony (Tony) Silva, RI; Celia J. Blue, MA
    Past President: Heidi Francis, ON
    International Board: Jennifer Cohan, DE (Immediate Past Chair); Heidi Francis, ON; Kurt Myers, PA (Member at Large); Robert Ide, VT 

    Regional Director, Member Support: Patrice Aasmo 

    Region 1 

    Links to Region I Jurisdictions

    Region II 

    President: Brenda Coone, AL
    1st Vice President: Lt. Col. Jack Miniard, KY
    2nd Vice President: Linda Cone, TN
    Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Irving, VA
    Members at Large: Kevin Shwedo, SC; Whitney Brewster, TX;Stephen Campbell, LA
    Past President: Tony Lawler, MS
    International Board: Tony Lawler, MS; ; Richard Holcomb, VA (Secretary); Rob Mikell, GA

    Regional Director, Member Support: Patrice Aasmo

     Region 2

    Links to Region II Jurisdictions

    Region III

    President: Patrick Fernan, WI
    Vice President: Cindy Gerber, SD
    Treasurer: Patricia McCormack, MN
    Secretary: Rhonda Lahm, NE
    Members at Large: Mark Lowe, IA; JoAnn Wilson, IL; Kent Schroeder, IN; Lisa Kaspar, KS; Ward Keith, MB; Mike Wartella, MI; Jackie Bemboom, MO; Mark Nelson, ND
    Past President: Mike Rankin, OH
    International Board: Patrick Fernan, WI; Mark Lowe, IA (Vice Chair); Mike Rankin, OH; Jackie Bemboom, MO
    Ex-officio: Neil Schuster, AAMVA President & CEO
    Regional Director, Member Support: Sheila Prior 

    Region 3 

    Links to Region III Jurisdictions

    Region IV

    President: Brad Simpson, UT
    Vice President: Thomas McClellan, OR
    Treasurer: Brenda Nordlund, MT
    Secretary: Steve Burford, AB
    Past President: Kellee Irwin, BC
    Members at Large:  Troy Dillard, NV; Pat Kohler, WA
    Law Enforcement Member At Large: Commander John Butler, WY
    International Board: Stacey Stanton, AZ (Immediate Past Chair); Kellee Irwin, BC; Brad Simpson, UT (Treasurer); Jean Shiomoto, CA (Member at Large)                       

    Regional Director, Member Support: Sheila Prior

    Region 4 

    Links to Region IV Jurisdictions

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