• 2012 Customer Service Excellence Award Winners

  • Individual 

    Nancy Myers, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

    After Hurricane Irene and tropical Storm lee battered and flooded much of Pennsylvania last fall, Myers lept into action, coordinating PennDOT’s response and mobilizing employees to assist flood victims with replacing driver’s licenses and motor vehicle products. In all, she facilitated the logistical planning for dozens of employees and support staff, assisting customers at 20 disaster recovery centers across the commonwealth. Under her leadership, hundreds of replacement documents were issued and hundreds of calls were handled by support staff and PennDot’s Customer Call Center. 

    Anne Yanofsky, Arizona Department of Transportation

    AZ Yanofsky CSE

    In her nearly 20 years with the Arizona DOT, Anne has consistently taken the lead on adopting new features or projects, overseeing busy seven offices in the state. She also has been instrumental in promoting the MVD organ donor program and serves as a strong advocate for the homeless population in Arizona. She also co-leads her Division’s involvement with the StandDown program for homeles veterans, assisting them with getting documents and access to services.    

    Richard Holcomb, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles 

    VA Holcomb CSE

    As Commissioner of the Virginia DMV, Rick embodies customer service excellence through his commitment to furthering online migration of DMV services, serving customers faster and more conveniently, and saving money. Wait times inside customer service centers have decreased under his leadership, the DMV’s website has seen record-breaking increases in usage. He’s also implemented Virginia’s DMV 2 Go mobile customer service centers. These are just a sampling of his many successes at the helm of the Virginia DMV.



    Delaware DMV Next of Kin Registry  

    By collaborating with the Delaware State Police, Office of Information Technology and Government Information Center, the Delaware DMV created a registry that law enforcement and first responders can access to retrieve vital Next of Kin contact information in the event of an accident or emergency. When situations are dire and life and death decisions need to be made quickly, the Registry allows officials to notify next of kin in a quickly and efficiently. Since the program launched, over 4,000 Delawareans have registered for this free program.

    Georgia DDS Knowledge Testing System Project Team 

    GA CSE Award

    With their Knowledge Testing System Integration Project Team, the Georgia Department of Driver Services enhanced the integrity of their driver’s license issuance process by automating tasks that were performed manually. They developed a web-based testing program that automatically populates commercial and non-commercial knowledge test scores from the web-side scoring to mainframe-side record keeping allowing for immediate transfer of information without manual intervention. The process provides for greater convenience for customers, lower costs for the DDS, and better resource utilization – all while maintaining customer service, document and data security goals.

    Arizona DOT MVD Electronic Data Services Team  

    AZ Stanton CSE

    The team collaborated with representatives of three agencies to complete projects that benefit the state’s low income health care program, the courts and county assessors. The Electronic Data Services Team exceeded expectations by designing a way to get the partner agencies the data they needed – and at no cost.



    Delaware DMV Veteran ID Card Issuance Program

    DE CSE Cohan

    After becoming aware that many veterans may never receive a replacement ID Card, the Delaware DMV began issuing Veteran ID cards to those who have lost or damaged their original IDs issued by the VA. They found that the number of Veterans who had no identification other than their official military paperwork was huge and during the first month of this new program, Delaware DMV issued over a thousand veteran ID cards and they’ve averaged 50 to 100 cards every week since then. Many veterans have expressed their thanks to the DMV for their help. 

    Virginia DMV “DMV2Go” 

    VA Group CSE The handicapped accessible DMV 2 Go mobile offices provide all DMV transactions and can reach even the most remote areas of the commonwealth and serve customers with unique circumstances and special needs. The mobile units visit businesses, university and college campuses, and military bases, providing an alternative for customers who may not be able to visit a full-service customer service center. It can also accommodate night and weekend hours and is at the ready in times of emergency. In total, DMV 2 Go has processed more than 8,000 transactions since the program’s launch.

    Indiana BMV Visit Improvement Program  

    IN CSE Award

    Indiana BMV’s “Visit Improvement Program” was developed to provide an effective means of tracking and measuring their customers’ experiences - monitoring their overall visit time in a branch, and using that information to enhance customer satisfaction. Mimicking a technology used in the food service industry for the queuing process, the BMV is able to track customers from their initial entry through their entire visit. Overall visit time went from an average of just over 30 minutes to an average time of just under 14 minutes – and their customer service satisfaction rating has shot up to 96.2%.