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  • The key to any association’s viability is the involvement of its members. AAMVA’s members are engaged in program and policy development.

    AAMVA has three standing committees: Driver, Law Enforcement and Vehicle .The three committees meet both independently and in joint session. Each committee is structured to best meet the needs and address the issues of the program area and has members from nine AAMVA discipline areas.

    Subject matter experts in each of these discipline areas are represented in each of AAMVA's three standing committees:

    • Driver Licensing & Control
    • Fraud
    • ID Management
    • Information Technology
    • Law Enforcement
    • Legal Services
    • Motor Carrier Services
    • Public Affairs & Consumer Education
    • Vehicle Registration & Title 

    Standing Committees 
    2016 Updates*

    *Playlist includes video updates from each of the three standing committees. 


      2016 Submission Nomination  Packet Cover Image small   2016 Awards Entry Form image small
    2016 Submission & Nomination Packet 2016 Entry Form

    AAMVA’s awards program fosters a tradition of excellence in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community by honoring individuals, teams, and organizations who have committed their time and resources to safety and security initiatives, outstanding customer service, and public affairs and consumer educational programs throughout North America. Each year, AAMVA receives numerous outstanding submissions in each category and through a rigorous judging process selects those that are exemplary. Awards are presented at our Regional Conferences and at our Annual International Conference.

    Submission Information

    All submissions must conform to the specifications listed in each award description (starting on page 4 of the " 2016 Awards Program Submission & Nomination Packet"). Each jurisdiction agency should complete and send one award entry form with the accompanying information specified in each award description.

    2016 Deadlines and Timeline

    2016 Deadlines and Timeline

    How to Submit

    All submissions must be sent electronically unless otherwise specified in award descriptions. Submissions should be sent via email to awards@aamva.org. Materials that are mailed, as specified in award descriptions, should be sent to:

    ATTN: Jessica Hill
    AAMVA Awards Program
    4401 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700 
    Arlington, Virginia 22203

    For specific questions regarding awards and submissions, please contact Jessica Hill or 703.908.5788.


    AAMVA’s Awards Program is open to all AAMVA jurisdiction members that are in good standing. Entries submitted for the 2016 awards must have been conducted (produced, implemented, and/or developed) between January 1 and December 31, 2015 (does not apply to the Martha Irwin Awards). Entries are to be submitted via email to awards@aamva.org by February 1, 2016 at 5 PM Eastern Time (April 1, 2016 at 5 PM Eastern Time for the Martha Irwin Awards). Items that must be mailed, as specified in award descriptions, must be postmarked by February 1, 2016.

    Questions about your jurisdiction membership status should be directed to Dianne Graham or 703.908.8267. 

    Learn more

    There are no vacancies at the moment. Please check back often. f you have questions, please contact Dianne Graham, director, Member & Conference Services via email dgraham@aamva.org or phone (703) 908-8267.

    Working Group Vacancies


    The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group is seeking applications for two vacancies -- one applicant with experience of the NMVTIS business process and one applicant with NMVTIS information technology experience. Applicants must be from a U.S. member jurisdiction.

    The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group was established in the summer of 2012 to focus on state business processes, policies and procedures. The Business Rules Working Group is made up of representatives from jurisdictions in all four of AAMVA’s regions. These jurisdictions represents the various modes of participation in NMVTIS, specifically, fully integrated online, batch, or some combination of the two.  The working group reviewed a number of previously identified issues and determined that the solution to many of the concerns was to create best practices to help facilitate a document to assist jurisdictions in developing their business policies and practices in a consistent manner. The intent of these best practices is to provide the title and registration program managers with information and a resource to assist them in ensuring that NMVTIS works hand in hand with the jurisdiction’s title practices.  The working group continues to identify areas where best practices are needed.  Further, the working group is working on a performance management concept to provide additional NMVTIS performance information to the jurisdictions. Eligible applicants will be expected to attend in-person and virtual meetings. Please complete the application and submit to committees@aamva.org no later than close of business on April 8, 2016.