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  • AAMVA Committees & Working Groups

  • The key to any association’s viability is the involvement of its members. AAMVA’s members are engaged in program and policy development.

    AAMVA has three standing committees: Driver, Law Enforcement and Vehicle .The three committees meet both independently and in joint session. Each committee is structured to best meet the needs and address the issues of the program area and has members from nine AAMVA discipline areas.

    Subject matter experts in each of these discipline areas are represented in each of AAMVA's three standing committees:

    • Driver Licensing & Control
    • Fraud
    • ID Management
    • Information Technology
    • Law Enforcement
    • Legal Services
    • Motor Carrier Services
    • Public Affairs & Consumer Education
    • Vehicle Registration & Title 

    AAMVA's Standing Committees Converge at AAMVA Headquarters




    AAMVA’s awards foster a tradition of excellence in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community. The awards allow AAMVA to honor individuals, teams and organizations who have committed their time and resources to safety initiatives, outstanding customer service, and public affairs and consumer educational programs throughout North America.

    Awards are presented both at the regional and international levels in the categories of:

    • Service,
    • Safety,
    • Security, and
    • Public Affairs and Consumer Education.
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    Looking for members to lend their expertise!

    AAMVA is looking for jurisdiction members to lend us expertise. Serving on a committee is an ideal way to influence policy, develop best practices and network with your peers.

    The charts below show the specific positions that we are seeking jurisdiction members to fill on our three standing committees. If you would like to serve on one of our committees, please complete the Committee Member Application Form. All applications must be received by May 4, 2015. Positions are typically two-year terms. 

    The charts below show the positions that will be vacant beginning September 1, 2015. If a region is indicated, the applicant chosen will be from that region. If the region is shown as N/A, the applicant chosen could be from any region. We attempt to maintain jurisdictional and regional balance on all committees and working groups. If we are unable to place you on a committee or working group right away, your application will be kept on file for consideration when vacancies arise.

    If you have previously submitted an application, you do not need to reapply provided your information is up to date.

    If you have questions, please contact Dianne Graham, director, Member & Conference Services via email dgraham@aamva.org or phone (703) 908-8267.

    2015-16 Committee Vacancies

    Call for Working Group Members

    Volunteers Needed for State-Federal National CDL Working Group

    AAMVA is working with FMCSA to create a State-Federal National CDL Working Group.  The group will be a mixture of State and FMCSA personnel formed to enhance and improve the partnership and communications among the SDLAs and FMCSA, focusing on opportunities where the SDLAs and FMCSA can work together to improve CDL policies and processes.  AAMVA is looking for jurisdictional representation from US jurisdictions to serve on the Working Group.

    Topics to be discussed could include, but will not be limited to:

    1. How to improve Federal-State processes before, during and after rulemaking
    2. How to improve States’ experiences during implementation of rulemaking requirements
    3. Upcoming National Registry II Rule and how to ensure SDLA success during implementation of the requirements
    4. Upcoming Drug and Alcohol rulemaking and how to ensure SDLA success during implementation of the requirements
    5. Reviewing the recommendations of the National CDL Task Force – Ten Years Later: Are We Making Progress?

    Ultimately, the goal of the State-Federal National CDL Working Group is to improve safety and reduce crashes by ensuring only qualified drivers are operating commercial motor vehicles.

    Working Group applicants must be well versed in all aspects of CDL testing and administration, determining the impacts of proposed CDL rulemakings, implementation of Federal rulemaking requirements and expertise in analyzing CDL issues, policies and procedures from a National perspective. The Working Group will meet via conference call on a regular basis and could meet face to face up to twice a year as the work load requires.  Applicants are required to attend and actively participate in all Working Group conference calls and meetings and be the liaison between the AAMVA Member Jurisdictions and the Working Group on CDL policy issues. 

    If you feel you meet the above qualifications and are interested in applying for the Working Group please return the completed Working Group Application Form and detailed description of your professional background and experience no later than Friday, July 3, 2015 to Dianne Graham (committees@aamva.org).