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  • AAMVA President & CEO Neil Schuster Announces Retirement

    March 20, 2014—Neil Schuster, President & CEO of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, announced today he will retire from his position effective April 30, 2014. Schuster has served as head of the association since 2007. 

    Read the press release.

    Just Released: NMVTIS Best Practices for Title and Registration Program Managers in DMVs

    NMVTIS BP for Prog Mgrs (small cover image)The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group is pleased to announce the release of NMVTIS Best Practices for Title and Registration Program Managers in DMVs. The working group created these best practices to help jurisdictions develop their business policies and practices in a consistent manner. The working group hopes that the use of these best practices will help ensure that NMVTIS is the best tool available for preventing title fraud; ensuring vehicle brands are carried forward; and ensuring that a comprehensive vehicle history is established, which will ultimately improve consumer protection and public safety.

    Download the Best Practices Document   

    New Online: Autonomous Vehicle Information Library

    AAMVA’s Autonomous Vehicle Information Sharing Group is pleased to announce the availability of the new Autonomous Vehicle Information Library on AAMVA’s Web sites. The Autonomous Vehicle Information Library was developed to help the AAMVA community stay current with information related to autonomous vehicles and other emerging vehicle technologies.  Use this library to:

    • Get the latest information and news on this emerging technology
    • Help develop short- and long-range plans within your vehicle and driver programs
    • Gain an understanding of the effects on governmental policies and regulations
    • Learn the impacts on roadway infrastructure, legal aspects and law enforcement, environmental factors, insurance coverage, driver’s licenses, and more

    It will become increasing necessary to develop plans to regulate the vehicles, the manufactures and operators as the technology becomes available. Expand your knowledge and visit the Autonomous Vehicle Information Library today!

    Videos Unveiled at the Annual International Conference

    The Annual International Conference attendees were privy to two new videos that were unveiled during the conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out "AAMVA 2012-2013 Year in Review," and "AAMVA 80th Anniversary."


      2013 in Review     80 Years of AAMVA