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  • This Week! 2017 Region II Conference

    The 2017 Region II Conference gets underway this week, June 19-22, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 2017 Region II Conference provides a terrific opportunity for attendees to discuss today's relevant motor vehicle and law enforcement related issues. For more information, visit the 2017 Region II Conference website.

    AAMVA at Autonomous Vehicle Policy Academy 

    Staff Sargent Terence McDonnell, New York State Police and Cathie Curtis, AAMVA Director of Vehicle Programs spoke at the Autonomous Vehicle Policy Academy held by the Council of State Governments in Detroit, Michigan last week. Several state legislators from around the country, many of whom chair or serve on transportation committees in their jurisdictions, attended along with industry and other stakeholders. Staff Sargent McDonnell and Cathie Curtis talked about the work the AAMVA Automated Vehicles Working Group is doing. They also discussed the federal Model State Policy and automated vehicle matters from a regulatory and law enforcement perspective. 

    Looking for Members to Lend Their Expertise!

    AAMVA is looking for additional jurisdiction members to lend us expertise. Serving on a committee is an ideal way to influence policy, develop best practices and network with your peers. The charts (in the "Committee Opportunities" tab) on the Committees and Working Groups page,  shows the specific positions that we are seeking jurisdiction members to fill on our three standing committees. If a region is indicated, the applicant chosen will be from that region. If the region is shown as N/A, the applicant chosen could be from any region. We attempt to maintain jurisdictional and regional balance on all committees and working groups.

    If you would like to serve on one of our committees, please complete the Committee Application Form. All applications must be received by July 1, 2017. Even if you submitted an application previously, please submit a new application or send an email to committees@aamva.org that you would still like to be considered for a position. If you have questions, please contact Me'Shell Drigo or Dianne Graham via email to committees@aamva.org or phone 703-522-4200. 

    Here are the most popular stories from AAMVA Regional News - June 9, 2017.

    Idaho Seeks Cause of DMV Computer Breakdowns 

    The Idaho Transportation Department says it's trying to figure out why motor vehicle offices across the state have been hobbled by computer problems for several weeks that have resulted in lengthy delays for customers. Read the article in usnews.com.

    San Francisco Man Charged in Disabled Parking Fraud 

    A San Francisco man faces felony charges in an alleged disabled parking placard scheme, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Read the article in sfgate.com. 

    California Judges Want to Decriminalize Traffic Tickets, Reducing Fines and License Suspensions 

    It's a time-honored tradition for practically anyone who's ever gotten behind the wheel and hit the gas: You speed, you run that red light and – bam! – you're sucked into the state's sprawling, expensive and often scary traffic-ticket justice system.  Well, those scary days may soon be over. Read the article in Mercurynews.com.

    Driverless Cars Targeted by Hackers, Says Report

    A New York Times report stated criminals have actively been developing, trading and deploying tools that can intercept car key communications, and only a laptop and codes are needed to harm people driving driverless cars. Read the article in softwaretestingnews.co.uk.

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