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    The International Driver Examiner Certification (IDEC) program was designed as a result of the growing responsibilities being placed on driver exam personnel. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) membership determined it was necessary to create programs that encouraged driver examiners to increase their knowledge and competence.  In 1980 AAMVA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began the development of an examiner certification program and in 1982, the Certified Driver Examiner (CDE) Program was approved and was ready for jurisdictions to adopt.  In 1997, the Certified Commercial Examiner (CCE) component was created to assist jurisdictions with training their Commercial Driver License (CDL) examiners.  The Certified Commercial Third Party Tester (CTT) was established to upgrade the level of training and to provide an avenue for third-party examiners to meet the same level of requirements as jurisdictional examiner personnel.  

    In 2014, the IDEC Executive Board created the Certified Commercial Knowledge Examiner (CCKE) component as a way to assist jurisdictions in meeting the Federal CDL testing requirement for knowledge examiners.  Both the CCE and CCKE components can help assist jurisdictions in meeting the Examiner/3rd Party Training requirements defined by FMCSA in 49 CFR 384.228.  

    The IDEC Program is based on the premise that for driver examiners to be recognized as professionals, there must be an international program to assure the public, the institutions served and the government of the competence and quality of the practitioners in the field.  It is the intent of the AAMVA IDEC Board to assist jurisdictions in meeting these goals!
    The Certification Program is designed to encompass distinct areas: certified driver (CDE), certified motorcycle (CME), certified commercial (CCE) and certified commercial knowledge examiner (CCKE). The AAMVA IDEC Guides provide unit lesson plans for all areas, instructor visuals, quizzes, videos, student workbooks and activities for teaching the AAMVA IDEC training course.

    Annually, the IDEC Executive Board recognizes and awards outstanding examiners through the Examiner of the Year.     

    **AAMVA does not certify examiners directly.  AAMVA provides the certification avenue for jurisdictions to certify their jurisdictional and third-party testers. Jurisdictions interested in becoming accredited in any of the program areas may contact Denise Hanchulak


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