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  • Hemisphere Centre for Mental Health & Wellness 
    Booth 213               
    2345 Wyecroft Road Unit 1 
    Oakville, ON L6L 6L8  
    Contact: Scott Knight | scottk@hcmh.ca 
    P: 905-829-5111 | F: 905-829 5052 
    Developed by The Hemisphere Centre for Mental Health & Wellness, Brainscreen represents the initial steps for determining Cognitive medical  to drive. BrainScreen is an effective screening tool developed to identify cognitive disorders that result from Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia syndromes, as well as psychiatric and medical conditions. BrainScreen is easily adaptable for a range of applications from driver’s license renewals to improving safety in the trucking and cab industries. BrainScreen provides instant results to the user or any administrator. Similar to baseline testing in sports endeavors, BrainScreen is able to measure against past performance. 

    Hewlett Packard 
    Booth 401, Hotel Key Card Sponsor and Refreshment Break Cosponsor 
    5555 Glendon Court Suite 200 
    Dubin, OH 43016 
    Contact: Michelle Moore |
    P: 317- 446-4309 
    HP offers a variety of solutions to motor vehicle agencies including legacy application modernization services, custom development application services, correspondence management solutions, business intelligence solutions, driver license and identification solutions, kiosks, point of sale devices, and many other solutions from HP’s vast portfolio of offerings. We also provide value to motor vehicle agencies with our motor vehicle subject matter expertise, best practices, motor vehicle framework artifacts, reusable components, and proven methodology. As a full-service motor vehicle administration provider, HP helps agencies improve customer service levels, reduce fraud and diminish costs without compromising on flexibility.

    HID Global
    Booth 207
    15370 Barranca Parkway
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Contact: Marina Conrad | mconrad@hidglobal.com
    P: 949-732 2055 (O) | M: 949-545-4411 | F: 949- 732-2150
    HID Global is the trusted source for secure identity solutions for millions of customers around the world. Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is the supplier of choice for OEMs, system integrators and application developers serving a variety of markets. These markets include physical and logical access control, including strong authentication and credential management; card printing and personalization; visitor management systems; highly secure government and citizen ID; and identification RFID technologies used in animal ID and industry and logistics applications. Headquartered in Irvine, California, HID Global’s primary brands include ActivIdentity®, EasyLobby®, FARGO®, LaserCard® and HID®.

    Booth 608
    56 Cherry Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06605
    Contact: Aristotelis P. Mpougàs | sales@securemarkdecal.com
    P: 843 -883-0471| F: 866-228-6488
    Experts in high security holographic laminates for identity and travel documents, Hologram. Industries' solutions also protect fiduciary documents, vehicles and products. The Group is equally a partner of the media industry in its fight against fraud and illicit content on the Internet.
    SecureMark Decal offers government agencies, police departments, airports, environmental organizations, universities and other security focused organizations high quality, durable and full-featured security and control decals, labels and stickers. Our Group is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the ADCOLITE® Reflective sheeting and SafTSeal® tamper evident void films.

    I Drive Safely, LLC                                                                            
    Booth 208
    5770 Armada Dr., Suite 200 
    Carlsbad, CA 92008 
    Contact: Scott Owens |
    P: 703-896-8066
    I DRIVE SAFELY (IDS) is a provider of innovative and effective driver training programs. The company is committed to fostering positive driver attitudes, reducing violations and collisions and creating safer roadways. The IDS suite of driver training courseware include classroom, online and video course for – Traffic Violators, Point Reduction, Insurance Discount, Teen/Adult Novice Driver Education, Senior Driver Accident Prevention, Occupant and Child Passenger Safety, Aggressive and Distracted Driving, Alcohol and Drug Education, and Professional Driver Safety courses. Other IDS services include online knowledge testing with biometric validation and electronic court reporting and automation.

    Booth 60
    2929 N Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ  85012
    Contract:  Wes Wolfertz | Weston.Wolfertz@us.ibm.com
    P: 602.217.2812 | F: 845.491.5436
    IBM creates business value for clients and solves business problems through integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes.  IBM solutions typically deliver value by reducing a client's operational costs or enabling new capabilities that generate revenue.  These solutions draw from an industry-leading portfolio of consulting delivery and implementation services, enterprise software, systems and financing.  IBM has special skills and expertise in delivering solutions to government operations and agencies such as motor-vehicle related services and many more.

    ID Scientific                                                                                          
    Booth 311
    9674 Irvine Ct 
    Las Vegas, NV 89147 
    Contact: Mark Wilkinson |
    P: 540-520-7798
    ID Scientific aids field authentication of identity documents. We offer a comprehensive online database of images of US and Canadian exemplars, built in cooperation with AAMVA and the jurisdictions. We provide front and back images in regular and UV light, as well as suggesting features chosen by a Certified Document Examiner as most helpful in field authentication. Various levels of the database allow increased scrutiny, along with the ability to compare ID’s side by side on screen. Automated comparisons are on the horizon.

    Insurance Information Exchange
    Staff Shirt Sponsor
    Contact: Katie James | kjames@iso.com
    P: 979-393-9182 | www.iix.com
    Insurance Information Exchange (iix), a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, is a leading provider of information, including motor vehicle records (MVRs), to insurance professionals and employers.  Verisk is the property and casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims data and decision support services.  Dedicated to privacy, iiX provides employment screening and insurance underwriting reports nationwide through a state MVR network and nationally recognized consumer reporting agencies. 

    Intellectual Technology, Inc.
    Booth 210
    1926 Kellogg Avenue Suit A
    Carlsbad, California 92008
    Contact:  Craig Litchin | clitchin@iti4dmv.com
    P: 800-488-2744
    Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) provides on demand printing and document delivery solutions throughout North America and Canada for over 20 years.  ITI’s customizable product designs and specialized software development are adjustable to each jurisdiction’s individual needs.  ITI’s solutions include ATM-like Self-Service Terminals, on demand printing and a centralized fulfillment center. Cost per transaction pricing eliminates up front capital outlays; you pay as you use it. ITI’s solutions offer cost reductions and time saving delivery. Our customer-driven product and system designs provide real-time printing of vehicle registration renewals and duplicates, drivers license renewals and duplicates, driver history records, insurance reinstatements, and all associated forms and security decals.

    ITW Covid Security Group Inc
    Booth 611
    32 Commerce Lane
    Cranbury, NJ
    Contact: Rob Miskelly | rob.miskelly@itwcovid.com
    F: 609- 395-5603 | F: 609 - 860-8970
    With hundreds of millions of documents distributed globally, ITW Covid Security Group Inc. is the world market leader in the production of OVD (optically variable device) security lamination for plastic photo identification credentials. Our unique, fully integrated production facility offers state-of-the-art coating, printing, hologram origination, and converting techniques all under one roof. No part of production is outsourced which secures your products at every stage of production in our NASPO (North American Security Products Organization) audited facility.