• FDR Maintenance Committee

  • The FDR Maintenance Committee (FDRMC) will work across all disciplines, committees and federal agencies to ensure the training material used in AAMVA's Fraud Detection and Remediation (FDR) Training program is pertinent, current and correct.  The FDR Maintenance Committee is responsible for the FDR training content and associated tools.  

    Guided by input from jurisdiction members and the AAMVA Board of Directors, the FDRMC pursued fulfillment of requests for more expansive training topics, including new modules and supplemental material including (but not limited to) such items as:

    • Internal Fraud for Front-Line Staff
    • Internal Fraud for Managers
    • Imposter Fraud
    • Fraud Trends
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Fraudulent Documents and Procedures at Roadside
    • DMV Fraud Contact Lists

    Training curriculum and tools may be developed directly by the FDRMC, jurisdiction members, industry and federal partners, AAMVA staff, as well as by other committees and working groups outside the FDRMC.  The FDRMC will ensure that the overall program remains pertinent to the membership, and that content and tools incorporated are appropriate for the student audience, factually correct, and current.

    The FDRMC charter is currently being reviewed. View the most recent FDRMC charter for more details.


    Chair and Region II Representative   Vice Chair and Region II Representative

    Deb Roby         
    Chief, Bureau of Credentialing Services   
    Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles   

      David Doerr
    Inspector/Law Enforcement Agent
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
    Region I Representative  

    Kenneth Shock        
    Chief, Fraud Investigations Unit     
    Education & Training Administrator
    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles  

    Region III Representative   Region IV Representative
    Dean Reynoldson       
    Chief Investigator        

    Kansas Department of Revenue


    Renee Krawiec
    Senior Supervisor
    Wyoming Department of Transportation    

    Canadian Jurisdictional Representative  
    Laura Barkley McKeeman       
    Training & Development Officer     
    Fraud Prevention & Business Integrity Office
    Ontario Road Safety User Division



    RCMP Representative  
    There are currently three jurisdiction representative vacancies.    


     For more information about the FDR Maintenance Committee, please contact Patrice Aasmo, Project Manager, 571.435.2861

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