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  • Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR) Training

  • FDR: "Fraudulent Document Recognition" Evolves to "Fraud Detection & Remediation"

    FDR TrainingBecause the FDR program has expanded to cover topics far beyond physical documents only, the "Fraudulent Document Recognition" program has been renamed to "Fraud Detection and Remediation" training. "FDR" will remain as the shortened reference. With training modules and supplements that address such topics as People and Actions, Imposter Fraud, Internal Fraud, and others, the new title more accurately reflects the subject matter that is available to jurisdiction members. Download the latest version of the training and see why many FDR components are critical to a wide variety of staff beyond the license counter!

    AAMVA has been hard at work to meet its commitment to continually improve and update the material in order to best meet your training needs. The Updated courseware package (January 2014 version) is now available to member jurisdictions!

    The 2014 FDR Annual Report is now available!  Learn how other jurisdictions are utilizing the eLearning courseware, browse best practices, and see the results of the 2014 FDR Annual Survey.  Access the report HERE.  

    New for 2014

    Courseware Updates and Enhancements  

    The 2014 Annual Update features a number of important enhancements and new information including:

    • NEW look to the courseware interface with
      updated color schemes and graphics
    • NEW FDR Builder PowerPoint Customization Tool
    • NEW Administrator's FIFTEEN Supplement
    • NEW Mexican Passport content
    • NEW Canadian Passport content
    • NEW Consular and Diplomatic Credential content
      in Level II Law Enforcement Supplement
    • Critical Document Updates
    • 2014 Update Only Module for refresher training
    • UPDATED indexed, searchable, and comprehensive
      job aid for print or electronic use
    • UPDATED Jurisdiction Document Authenticity
      Contact List
    • UPDATED choice of preset pass/fail scores for
      Learning Management System 


    A detailed change document is available here.

    FDR Jurisdiction Member Download button

    Please Note: Because the courseware is intended for agency-wide implementations, individual employees seeking to download the material are asked to check with their agency's training department before proceeding. Downloads will NOT commence for users that have enrolled only in the basic website registration process.  


    Document ID Databases

     Keesing logo for Documentchecker

    AAMVA has partnered with Keesing Technologies to provide our jurisdiction members with a valuable genuine document reference database resource that can be used in conjunction with AAMVA's FDR training program for detecting fraudulent documents.
    AAMVA is pleased with this new partnership and is happy to be able to bring more valuable resources to our jurisdiction members. Access the databases HERE

    FDR Training for non-members

    Access purchasing information here.


    Although originally designed for, and extensively used by, DMV staff across the nation, these courses are invaluable to organizations that come into contact with driver’s licenses, identification credentials or secure documents of any kind. The entire course suite or a package of course subsets can be delivered to students efficiently within a variety of training strategies.

    Implementation Guide 

    AAMVA has developed an Implementation Guide that explains in detail how members can use the various formats and courses available to best fit their training strategies. In addition to explaining the many delivery options available, sample supplemental activities are provided that can be tailored to suit your objectives. Download the guide here.

    Level I

    This suite of courses introduces the basic techniques of fraudulent document recognition that staff can employ without the need for expensive forensic tools. By providing in-depth examples and explanations of the types of security features in circulation today, and most importantly, how to identify them, the courses provide the tools needed to flag documents for review that may have otherwise been accepted at face value as genuine.

    Because the courses include a series of printable job aids and “quick tips” covering essential concepts and document features, staff will always be armed with the fraud detection tools they need. FDR Level I's courses range from 30-45 minutes each (including a knowledge assessment at the end of each course). Organizations may deliver the suite as a whole or choose to purchase/offer only those courses that are of highest priority/interest.


    • Free to jurisdiction and law enforcement members
    • Available for purchase by non-member law enforcement agencies and commercial users (select content only)


    • Introduction to Fraud
    • Security Features
    • Birth Certificates
    • Titles and Vehicle Identification Documents
    • Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards
    • Travel Documents
    • Social Security Cards
    • Non-citizen and Legal Resident Documents
    • Military IDs 
    • Canadian Travel, Citizenship and Immigration Documents
    • Canadian Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licences and Vehicle Documents
    • Mexican Documents
    • Counterfeits and Alterations
    • People and Actions
    • Update-Only Module
    • Jurisdiction-Only Supplements

    Level II

    Level II is a natural progression of Level I's concepts in order to bring document examination to the next level. The courseware introduces covert security features and develops student skills in the use of magnification, auxiliary lighting and UV tools.

    Although covert features are presented generically (a review of detailed covert features of specific documents is NOT provided), the course will provide a solid understanding of how to begin a second-level review in today's fraud environment. With this foundation, students can effectively engage with local fraud experts and document issuers in detailed reviews of documents important to their specific job duties.


    • Free to jurisdiction and law enforcement members
    • Available for purchase by non-member law enforcement agencies ONLY


    • Introduction to Covert Features
    • Expanding the Review
    • Jurisdiction-Only Supplements


    FDR e-Learning Pricing for Law Enforcement

    Member State and Provincial Law Enforcement Agencies

    FDR e-Learning courseware is available to Member State and Provincial Law Enforcement Agencies at no cost. Agency administrators can use their member login credentials to obtain the courseware for internal distribution. Please contact Customer Support for any assistance needed with your member login credentials.

     FDR Jurisdiction Member Download button

    County and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

    A special association membership is available to sworn county, municipal and local law enforcement agencies that makes FDR e-Learning courseware available to your agency at a significant savings over commercial pricing. Please contact AAMVA for details about this opportunity.


    FDR Level I e-Learning Commercial Pricing

    AAMVA is pleased to offer select material from FDR Level I training to eligible commercial organizations* through AAMVA's authorized FDR resellers. Please contact an authorized reseller listed below for demos and pricing information.

    *AAMVA and its authorized resellers reserve the right to establish eligibility requirements for entities are individuals seeking to purchase FDR. 


    Interested in becoming an authorized FDR reseller?

    In order to help ensure the integrity and lawful use of the documents its members issue, AAMVA offers FDR Level I training for use by banks, notaries, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and other entities that rely upon physical documents. AAMVA has opportunities available for parties wishing to become authorized resellers of FDR Level I e-Learning to these markets. If you would like to bring FDR training to your customer base, please provide your contact information here

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