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  • The motor vehicle administration community has always been faced with fraudulent activities associated with various items including driver's licenses, driver testing, vehicle documentation. AAMVA's commitment to fraud prevention includes the development of training programs, standards, best practices and innovative technology applications that help motor vehicle agencies meet the ever-growing demand for tools and techniques to combat fraud.

    AAMVA and ICE Partner to Fight Fraud






    • DL/ID Card Design Standard
      This standard provides the motor vehicle administration community with recommended practices for the design of DL/ID cards. AAMVA’s Card Design Standard Committee updates this standard annually.
    • Internal Fraud Detection and Deterrence Best Practice (2010)
      AAMVA's Internal Fraud Working Group released the "Internal Fraud Deterrence and Detection Best Practices" document in January 2011. The document contains information on why people commit fraud, how to spot fraud and the various controls that can be put into place. It also contains a comprehensive checklist containing both operational and technical solutions that can be implemented to assist with the detection and deterrence of fraud.  
    • Data Analysis for Vehicle Fraud and Theft Best Practice (2004)
      The goal of the Data Analysis for Fraud and Theft procedure is to provide a model protocol for state titling agencies and law enforcement to format files and exchange the results of the batch runs. In support of the goal, AAMVA coordinates and promotes use of the procedure and tools among law enforcement agencies. Distribution of this procedure to all state titling and law enforcement agencies is expected to result in a national effort to use existing data sources to identify and recover stolen vehicles, and to apprehend and prosecute individuals who commit theft and fraud.

    Fraudulent Detection and Remediation Training (FDR)

    AAMVA's FDR training provides in-depth examples and explanations of the types of security features in circulation and how to identify them. These training courses are used by over 92 percent of jurisdictions in their fight against fraud and are invaluable to any organization that comes into contact with driver’s licenses, ID credentials or secure documents of any kind. AAMVA’s FDR training program is steadily progressing to become the industry standard in fraud training.

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    AAMVA provides the following verification applications:

    Digital Image Access and Exchange (DIA) A program in which AAMVA works cooperatively with jurisdictions to develop image capture, recognition, and verification solutions that meet jurisdictional needs, while continuing to focus on frontline staff and customer service. Read More >
    Driver License and ID Card Data Verification (DLDV) A system that verifies DL/ID credential data against the databases of the issuing Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVA). The system supports AAMVA members' goal of curbing identity theft and documentation fraud. Read More >
    Electronic Verification of Vital Events Records (EVVER) A system that allows a jurisdiction motor vehicle agency (MVA) to verify information on a birth certificate presented by a driver license or ID card applicant. Read More >
    Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) A system that allows a jurisdiction MVA to verify voter registration and identity information with Social Security Administration (SSA) records for an individual. Read More >
    Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) An initiative that automates verification of motor vehicle documents between MVAs and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) E-Verify (employment verification) program. The voluntary program allows E-Verify employers to verify their new employee's driver’s license, permit, or state-issued ID with the issuing U.S. jurisdiction. Read More >
    Social Security Online Verification (SSOLV) A package that provides jurisdictions with system specifications, test plans, and other materials to implement social security number verification with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Read More >
    U.S. Passport Verification Service An application that allows a jurisdiction to verify U.S. passport information presented by an applicant with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) passport records. Read More >
    Verification of Lawful Status (VLS) An application that allows a jurisdiction MVA to verify an applicant's lawful status prior to issuing a state-issued driver’s license or ID. Read More >


    The Genuine Document Reference (GDR) database is no longer available. Any questions can be directed to Patrice Aasmo.

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