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    Woman Spars With DMV Over Trump Hat License Photo (Florida) 

    A supporter of President Donald Trump took on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and got her driver's license picture taken while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.  Now, the state may make her take the photograph again, but without the hat. Read the article in foxnews.com. 

    The New Tool Local Lawmakers Want Police To Have To Put a Stop To Texting and Driving (Illinois)

    Two Chicago Alderman want to let police use technology to catch drivers texting, like the way they catch people drinking and driving. Alderman Ed Burke and Anthony Beale introduced a resolution for the police department to consider using a "Textalyzer." Read the article on wgntv.com. 

    Iowa DOT Loses Another Ticket Case - Must Return $200,000 

    Iowa must return $188,640 and a truck it seized because the state transportation officer who made the traffic stop has no legal authority to enforce speeding infractions, a judge has ruled. Read the article in desmoinesregister.com. 

    AG Shapiro Touts Busts In Multimillion Dollar 'Operation Car Wash' Fraud (Pennsylvania)

    A New York City-based organized crime group scammed PennDOT for years with a fraudulent license plate scheme that cost Pennsylvania more than a million dollars in unpaid sales taxes, EZ Pass tolls and parking fines, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Wednesday. Read the article at pennlive.com

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