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  • AAMVA provides access to sets of comparative data that have been collected from the jurisdictions by AAMVA and other highway safety organizations. Some of this information is compiled from information collected through AAMVA's Online Survey tool. 

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    AAMVA fully supports uniformity in all things related to highway safety. To that end, AAMVA's Committees work with jurisdictions to develop best practices and model legislation as a resource to motor vehicle and law enforcement officials.

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    AAMVA Provides a wealth of informational resources and products for both our members and the general public. From portfolios on a variety of issues, to publications and network services, AAMVA is your resource for information on the motor vehicle community and its operations. 

    Take a look at some of the larger issues AAMVA works on with relevant resources for each issue grouped together for easier access. Our portfolios include:


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  • Jurisdictions are encouraged to submit RFP/RFIs to WebUpdates@aamva.org to raise visibility and, in turn, solicit more response to those documents. As this section is continually updated, industry members should visit frequently to see what RFPs have been added.
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    AAMVA has collected many RFPs/RFIs from membership to serve as sample documents for acquisitions. Types of acquisitions documents that we have collected for your use include customer service, DL/ID issuance, system modernization, testing, and more.

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  • Released August 2015

    Ignition Interlock Program
    Best Practices Guide
        Ignition Interlock Program BP - August 2015 - Cover

    AAMVA's Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices Working Group developed this guide in order to fill in the gaps not addressed by NHTSA's Model Guideline to State Ignition Interlock Programs, and the Association of Ignition Interlock Programs Administrators’ (AIIPA) Standardized Vocabulary & Standardized Best Practice Recommendations, offer additional guidance to DMVs legislatively charged with administering ignition interlock programs. Using the three documents together, jurisdictions can find a complete set of best practices to help build or maintain effective ignition interlock programs. Accompanying the guide is a training video for law enforcement officers who may encounter a driver who is operating a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device. Learn what driver's license ignition interlock restriction codes mean, some ignition interlock device circumvention tactics, and other useful information.

    Watch the Video Executive Summary

    Download the Document  |   DVD Insert | LE Training Video

    Facial Recognition
    Best Practices Guide
    Facial Recognition Program BP - August 2015 - Cover

    AAMVA’s Facial Recognition Working Group developed Facial Recognition Program Best Practices to offer recommendations to all DMVs having or beginning a facial recognition (FR) program. The document offers an overview of facial recognition technology, and DMVs with up and running programs can compare their business and operational practices against these best practice recommendations to improve their existing program. DMVs just starting a Facial Recognition program can use the best practices document as a blueprint to help them build a strong program from the ground-up.

    - Watch the Video Executive Summary

    - Download the Document  |  DVD Insert

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