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  • Legislative Alert: AAMVA Opposes RECALL Act

    Legislative Alerts buttonEarlier this month AAMVA issued a legislative alert concerning the Markey/Blumenthal RECALL Act (S617) which mandates state motor vehicle agencies notify owners of any outstanding vehicle safety recalls at the time of registration; requires owners complete all safety recall work prior to registration renewal; and withholds federal highway funds from any state that fails to comply. On March 25, 2015, AAMVA announced a policy position in opposition of the RECALL Act and is pleased to be joined by the Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) in opposition. AAMVA is working collaboratively with the bill's sponsors and will keep the membership apprised of its status.
    View AAMVA's official policy position in an AAMVA Legislative Alert sent to members on March 25th.

    2015 Workshop & Law Institute Wraps Up

    AAMVA's 2015  Workshop & Law Institute came to a close last week in Fort Worth, Texas. AAMVA would like to thank the staff, sponsors, and attendees for pulling off a successful event that once again sent members home armed with the information they need to help run an effective and efficient agency. Stay tuned to the Workshop's Download Center where you'll be able to view and download presentations from the event. We managed to snap some great pictures throughout the event, and invite you to browse through the Workshop Albums on AAMVA's Flickr page. The three Standing Committee Update Videos that were presented at the Opening General Session have also been posted to AAMVA's YouTube channel, and can be accessed directly via the following links:  

    Three New AAMVA Best Practice Documents Released in March

    MOM - March 2015 - xsmall

    AAMVA Motorcycle Operator Manual

    Fraud BP - March 2015 - xsmall

    Best Practices for the
    Deterrence & Detection of Fraud

    E-Odometer Task Force Report - Dec 2014 - xsmall

    E-Odometer Task Force Report

    The AAMVA Motorcycle Operator Manual (MOM) will help ensure motorcycle riders know what they need to know to safely operate on the roads, while promoting uniformity in the way jurisdictions test rider knowledge.   

    -   Watch the Executive Summary Video 
     Download the Document 

    The Best Practices for the Deterrence and Detection of Fraud addresses both internal and external fraud. In addition to presenting ways to deter and detect fraud, the document investigates different types of fraud and the psychology of those who seek to perpetrate fraud. It also examines the impact fraud can have on national security and highway safety as well as the personal impact identity theft can have on the customers DMVs serve. 

    Watch the Executive Summary Video  
    Download the Document

    The eOdometer Task Force Report captures considerations that should be taken when shifting from a paper odometer disclosure process to an electronic odometer (e-odometer) disclosure process. Flexibility was a key factor in developing the report so that jurisdictions can implement an electronic process within budgetary constraints. The specific actions within the process and the importance of authenticating the disclosure were also taken into consideration.  

    -   Download the document  



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    Watch AAMVA's 2014 Year in Review 

    AAMVA 2014 Year in Review

    (Most read stories from AAMVA Regional News – March 20, 2015)

    New Driver License System Implemented in Tennessee

    The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced Thursday a new statewide driver license system, the first major upgrade to the state’s driver service system in 30 years. Read the full story at WREG.com

    40,000 Vermonters Opt For Driver Privilege Cards Over REAL ID Licenses  

    Driver privilege cards, the form of identification intended to extend driving rights to migrant workers, have been issued to more than 40,000 Vermonters—considerably more than the state’s estimated 1,500 migrant population the cards were designed to serve. Read the full article in the Mountain Times.  

    DMV Requests High-Powered Rifles For Office Safety (Nevada)

    If you’re driving on Nevada’s roads, chances are a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles may be in your future. But, no matter how long the line is, try to keep your cool. Because of large crowds and longer wait times, the DMV has requested funding that would prepare its security for the worst. The agency’s budget request over the next two years includes funding for an “Active Shooter Program,” which would include the purchase of 12 semi-automatic rifles. Although compliance enforcement officers already possess handguns, deputy administrator Sterling Nixon says it may not be enough should an active shooter situation occur. Read the full story at KNPRNews.org.

    2015 AAMVA Workshop and Law Institute

    The 2015 Workshop and Law Institute took place this week, March 18-19, in Forth Worth, Texas.  Visit the Workshop & Law Institute Web site for more details about the event, and stay tuned to the Workshop's Download Center where you'll be able to download the presentations from the event. Also, check out AAMVA's Flickr page where there are plenty of pictures for you to browse through to see what you may be missing.  

    For the rest of the most recent news, read: AAMVA Regional News – March 20, 2015.

    Archives: The Week in Review  |   AAMVA Regional News