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  • AAMVA to Attend Launch of MyCarDoesWhat? Campaign

    MyCarDoesWhat logoAAMVA President & CEO, Anne Ferro, and AAMVA Chair of the Board, Rick Holcomb, will attend the launch of the MyCarDoesWhat campaign this week in Washington, DC. MyCarDoesWhat.org is a national campaign aimed at educating drivers on new vehicle safety technologies that are designed to help prevent crashes. The campaign hopes to promote safer driving by explaining how to use vehicle safety technologies like, increasing the stability and control of cars, providing warnings about crash threats, and automatic intervention to avoid or reduce the severity of a crash. For more information, visit https://mycardoeswhat.org/.

    2015 IDEC Expiring Notifications

    The time has come to renew your jurisdiction's Examiners certifications that will expire on December 31, 2015. Each individual being considered for renewal must have successfully completed forty (40) hours of refresher training over the past four (4) years. A list of IDEC examiners whose certifications will expire at the end of the year has been sent out to all IDEC contacts. Please clearly mark any changes on the list and return it with the Renewal Form. If you have not received your list of expiring examiners or if you have any questions, please contact Denise Hanchulak at dhanchulak@aamva.org or (703) 908-5767. Learn more about AAMVA's International Driver Examiners Certification program online at www.aamva.org/IDEC/

    Lend Your Expertise! Get Involved With AAMVA Committees and Working Groups

    AAMVA is looking for a PACE discipline jurisdiction member to join the Driver Standing Committee. Serving on a committee is an ideal way to influence policy, develop best practices and network with your peers. This position carries a two-year term with the potential to be reappointed for an additional two years. AAMVA is also looking to establish a working group of AAMVA member jurisdictions to help integrate DMV investigators into the Law Enforcement discipline. To that affect, we are seeking eight DMV investigators (we will select a mixture of sworn, non-sworn, and limited authority DMV investigators) and four state police/highway patrol officers who have experience conducting fraud investigations and/or partnering with DMV investigators. More details including application forms are available in the AAMVA Committees and Working Groups page on the Committee Opportunities tab, and the Working Group Opportunities tab.

    Service Alberta Offers Insight on Innovative Delivery of Driver and Vehicle Services

    Visit to Service Alberta - October 2015

    Pictured here, in front of Alberta's PACE-Award-winning specialty license plate program, "Support our Troops" are: Firoz Mohomed, Director, Service Alberta; Rick Holcomb, AAMVA Chair and Commissioner, VA DMV; Anne Ferro, AAMVA President/CEO; Dave Burhop, AAMVA eID Working Group Chair and CIO, Virginia DMV. Holcomb, Ferro and Burhop recently visited Alberta to gain insight into Service Alberta's processes and innovations in the delivery of driver and vehicle services. The group also met with representatives of the Traffic Safety Services Division of Alberta Transportation and with Service Alberta's Deputy Minister Tim Grant to discuss the deep value of Alberta's engagement in the AAMVA community.  

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    Customers Report Issues with DMV Online Services (Connecticut)

    It has taken months to get the Department of Motor Vehicles modernized, but some are still having problems. This year, the DMV closed nearly all of its branches to train its staff. The goal was to help more people do things online. However, there are still glitches with the new system. Read the full story at WFSB.com

    DMV Debuts New Driver License/ID Cards this Fall (Wisconsin)

    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will begin issuing new driver licenses (DL) and identification (ID) cards this fall. Read the full story at Chippewa.com

    Drug Use Now Rivals Drunk Driving as Cause of Fatal Car Crashes, Study Says

    Police said Ronald Hayes Jr. was high on drugs and alcohol and desperate to escape officers in Prince George’s County, Md., when he ran a red light and smashed into the side of a minivan filled with women and children, killing two of them. Read the full story at WashingtonPost.com

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