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  • CDL Coordinators/IT Managers Meeting  Presentations Now Available

    AAMVA is in the process of publishing the presentations from the 2015 CDL Coordinators/IT Managers Meeting on the AAMVA Web site. The presentations are available for download by AAMVA jurisdiction and federal government members only. Please take note that more presentations will be added to the page throughout the week, so you'll want to check back often. Access the page by visiting http://www.aamva.org/Presentations-from-Past-Events/.

    2015 Workshop and Law Institute Online Registration is Now Open

    Registration is now open for AAMVA's 2015 Workshop & Law Institute, in Fort Worth, Texas, March 18-19. Visit the Workshop & Law Institute Web site for more details. Watch the 2015 Workshop Promo to get a taste for what you can expect.


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    (Most read stories from AAMVA Regional News - February 20, 2015)

    Texas Man Sentenced to Two Life Terms After 10th DWI
    Bobby Gene Martin’s brushes with law enforcement for driving drunk date to 1981. But this week, his more than 30-year streak of DWI arrests came to an abrupt end. A Texas jury convicted the 64-year-old of his 10th drunk driving offense along with a retaliation charge for threatening to harm the arresting officer and his family. They gave him two life sentences. Read the full article in the Washington Post.

    2015 CDL/IT Coordinators Meeting Boasts 300+ Attendees
    AAMVA and FMCSA recently held the 2015 CDL Coordinators/IT meeting in Charlotte, NC. More than 300 state and federal CDL experts were in attendance to discuss national CDL issues such as compliance with the CDL Permit & Testing Rule, upcoming Medical Certification rulemakings, and other MAP-21 requirements. IT professionals attended breakout sessions on CDLIS reports and updates, S2S, and CSTIMS, among others. An announcement will be posted on AAMVA's homepage as soon as the presentations are available for download by AAMVA jurisdiction and federal government members. Presentations from past events are available on AAMVA's Web site at www.aamva.org/Presentations-from-Past-Events/

    Ohioans Could Soon Renew License-Plate Tags at Supermarkets, Under BMV Test Program
    Renewing your Ohio vehicle registration might soon be as easy as a trip to your local supermarket. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is preparing to test self-service kiosks in supermarkets in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The machines are part of the agency's "BMV4U" pilot project set to start in the next six to eight weeks, said DPS Director John Born. Read the full story at Cleveland.com.

    PennDOT Prepares for 'Cars of the Future'
    Pennsylvania is on track to be one of the first states with self-driving cars on the road, if you take into account that its Department of Transportation is at the forefront of a changing industry. State representatives sit on a national committee to keep up on the progress of self-driving cars. Many features in 2015’s cars are leading up to the day they hit the market. Read the full article on FOX43.com.              
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