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  • AAMVA Certified Commercial Examiner - CDL Training Courseware for State and Third Party CDL Examiners Available!

    AAMVA is pleased to announce that the AAMVA Certified Commercial Examiner - CDL Training Courseware for State and Third Party CDL Examiners now available. The courseware is a set of comprehensive training Modules designed to assist jurisdictions in meeting the CDL Examiner Training and certification requirements contained in Section 384.228(a) of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  This courseware can be tailored for use in a classroom, as a self-paced online training course or a blended program(classroom and online) for training and certifying State CCE/CDL Knowledge and Skills Test Examiners and Third Party CDL Skills Test Examiners to conduct CDL knowledge and skills tests.  A set of courseware has been mailed out to each CDL Coordinator. For more information, please contact Denise Hanchulak, Program Director, Certification & Standards.

    Maryland Successfully Implements State-to-State Verification Service 

    AAMVA congratulates Maryland on successfully implementing the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) during the weekend of January 31, 2016 and becoming the 3rd participant using the new service. Maryland will now be able to use SPEXS to perform its CDLIS and S2S functions. Maryland can now track pointer information related to its Base Driver Licenses, Permit for Base Driver Licenses, and Identification Cards. This supports, among others, limiting any person to only one driver's license. All migration activities have completed ahead of schedule. CDLIS and S2S services are fully operational now. Indiana will be the next state to take benefit of the S2S functionality. This will occur over the weekend of February 20. Other Jurisdictions will also begin using the S2S in the upcoming months and AAMVA looks forward to supporting them during their onboarding process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AAMVA Operations Department at 1-888-AAMVA80 option 1 or helpdesk@aamva.org 

    Volunteers Needed--Lend Your Expertise

    AAMVA has working groups that are now seeking volunteers. Members are needed for a new Motor Carrier Working Group, and vacancies need to be filled in the Electronic ID Working Group and the Test Maintenance Subcommittee. Find more information about these volunteer opportunities on the Committees and Working Groups page.

    Here are the most popular stories from AAMVA Regional News – January 29, 2016.

    Local DMV Employee Accused of Embezzling State Funds (Virginia)

    An employee of the Waynesboro DMV customer service center has been charged with three counts of embezzling public funds. Read the full story at DailyProgress.com

    Virginia Bill Would Allow DMV To Offer Same-Sex Marriage Licenses if Clerks Object

    Virginia legislators believe they've found a solution to the battle between Christian county clerks and gay marriage, also known as religious freedom vs. the law.  Last summer's Obergefelle v. Hodges ruling, which declared gay marriage a national right, put Christian county clerks in the uncomfortable and morally challenging situation of having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Read the full story at TownHall.com.

    New Microchips on Michigan Driver's Licenses to Contain Emergency Contact Information

    It's becoming more than just a license to drive. Your driver's license will soon have information that could help in a medical emergency. Read the full story at WWMT.com

    Joint Underage Drinking Investigation Uncovers Flagrant Violations of New York State Laws at Geneseo Bar 

    New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) Chairman Vincent A. Bradley and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan today announced the results of a joint enforcement action at "The Statesmen," a tavern located at 86 Court Street in Geneseo. Read the press release for more.

    For the rest of the most recent news, read AAMVA Regional News – January 29, 2016.

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