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    What To Do When Pulled Over: A New Chapter for Driver's Ed? 

    Deadly encounters between police officers and motorists have lawmakers across the country thinking driver's education should require students to be taught what to do in a traffic stop. Read the article on www.wtop.com

    Judge Dismisses Virginia Driver's License Suspension Lawsuit, Citing Jurisdiction 

    A federal judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit challenging the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles' practice that automatically suspends the driver's licenses of individuals who cannot pay court fines and fees. Read the full story at Richmond.com. 

    DMV Cracks Down on Drivers Illegally Using Disabled Parking Placards (California) 

    Wednesday, officers with the California Department of Motor Vehicles went after people who are not disabled, but are using a disabled parking placard. One of the areas where there are the most violators is downtown Sacramento. Read the full story at Fox40.com. 

    MVD Improvements Attract International Attention (Arizona) 

    Good news travels fast and it also travels far. The work being done by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division to lower office wait times, use employees more resourcefully and be more efficient overall is being noticed 9,000 miles away in Singapore. Read the full story at AZDOT.gov 

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