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    Accused Identity Thief Done In By Own Driver's License (Wisconsin) 

    When David Erchul went to renew his Wisconsin driver's license in May, 2016, he had no idea the photo he was about to pose for would unravel a fraud kept secret for three decades. Read more at tmj4.com.

    Computer System Upgrade Will Prompt Statewide Vehicle Licensing Disruption in Minnesota

    The Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is replacing a 30-year-old mainframe computer system. Read the article at govtech.com.

    Oregon DMV Buys FAST Software to Replace Systems Older than Mark Zuckerberg 

    The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle's core software is so, so old. How old is it?  ... So old it predates Ronald Reagan's presidency and the 1984 birth of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.  Lauren Mulligan, a spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Transportation, compared it to the classic computer game "Oregon Trail," with green-on-black text and blocky, blinking cursors. Read more at govtech.com. 

    DMV Investigators Catch Federal Fugitive On The Run For 25 Years (Nevada) 

    A career criminal who turned violent after escaping federal custody and fleeing to Nevada has been brought back to justice.  Robert Frederick Nelson, 64, of North Las Vegas, committed a string of violent felonies in Nevada after he escaped from a Minnesota federal prison in 1992. Read the press release for details. 

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