Verification Systems

AAMVA develops and maintains many information systems that facilitate the electronic exchange of identity information between organizations such as verifying driver licenses, state-issued identification cards, passport information, social security numbers, lawful status, and vital events.

Service that verifies driver's license and identification credential data against the databases of the issuing motor vehicle agencies and helps curb identity theft and documentation fraud

Service that facilitates a jurisdiction motor vehicle agency to verify voter registration and identity information with Social Security Administration records

Service that facilitates government agencies to efficiently verify social security numbers with the U.S. Social Security Administration either online or in batch

Service that automates transmission of information on Selective Service System eligible males who apply for or review their driver's license, driver's permit, or identification card 

Service that facilitates a jurisdiction to verify U.S. passport information presented by an applicant with Department of Homeland Security passport records 

Service that facilitates a jurisdiction motor vehicle agency to verify an applicant's lawful status prior to issuing a state-issued driver's license or identification card

Single location for relying parties to obtain true issuing authority certificates providing assurance that the credential being presented is an official standards-based identity and interoperable across state and provincial lines and international borders