AAMVA develops and maintains many information systems that facilitate the electronic exchange of driver, vehicle, and identity information between organizations.

AAMVA application systems fall into these categories:

  • Driver licensing systems: These systems provide the ability to locate and share driver records, track commercial driver license (CDL) skills testing, and detect fraud.
  • Vehicle systems: These systems obtain and share vehicle title information, registration, and liens. 
  • Verification systems: These systems verify driver licenses, state-issued identification cards, passport information, social security numbers, lawful status, and vital events.

All AAMVA applications follow strict privacy guidelines and are designed to adhere to an online privacy policy that protects the information gathered from its website visitors. Please review our privacy policies.

Driver Licensing Systems

Facilitate the electronic exchange of driver licensing information, provide the ability to locate and share commercial and non-commercial driver...

Vehicle Systems

Facilitate the electronic exchange of vehicle information between organizations, such as title, brand, and junk, salvage, and insurer (JSI...

Verification Systems

Facilitates the electronic exchange of identity information between organizations, such as verifying driver licenses, state-issued identification...

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