Law Enforcement

AAMVA’s vision of Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Secure Identities, Saving Lives! is at the core of our law enforcement programs. AAMVA supports and encourages collaboration between state and provincial law enforcement and motor vehicle agencies as we work to improve highway and public safety and prevent fraud inside and outside our member agencies. Through the Law Enforcement Standing Committee and its related working groups, AAMVA members promote uniformity and consistency through the development of standards, model programs, and best practices.


Featured Topics

Drugged Driving
Drunk Driving
Ignition Interlock
Distracted Driving
License Plates
Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Constable Frederick (Rick) O’Brien

New York State Police

Captain Christopher J. Garrow

Indiana State Police

Trooper Aaron Smith

Pennsylvania State Police

Trooper Jay Rougeau

Staff Subject Matter Expert

Brian Ursino

Director of Law Enforcement Programs

Staff Subject Matter Expert

Tom Foster

Manager of Law Enforcement Programs