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  • Annual International Conference Kicks Off This Week

    AIC_2019_AdAAMVA's 2019 Annual International Conference (AIC) takes place August 20-22, in Omaha, Nebraska! Register online today! The conference provides an opportunity for you and your peers to discuss relevant driver's license, motor vehicle and law enforcement related issues. As with every AAMVA conference, the ability to network is one of the most beneficial experiences, and this year's AIC provides several networking opportunities, as well as interactive learning opportunities. Jurisdiction attendees will learn about the successes and challenges of others, share ideas, build relationships, and discover the many products and services provided by our industry partners that can assist in your mission. Industry attendees will have the opportunity to meet with key players in the driver's license, motor vehicle and law enforcement arenas. Visit the 2019 AIC Website for more information and to register!

    Guidelines for Testing Drivers in Vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Released 

    ADASTestingAAMVA's Test Maintenance Subcommittee and International Driver Examiner Committee, along with the AAMVA Autonomous Vehicle Best Practices Working Group, developed this guide: Driver Examiner's Guide for Testing Drivers in Vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It is intended to assist members as they review and update their driver examination policies and procedures to address new vehicle technologies. It outlines technologies and implications for testing and provides recommendations for testing procedures and examiner training. Standardized testing procedures and driver's manual information will ensure consistent driver testing practices for applicants testing in vehicles with advanced technologies. Download the Guidelines today.

    AAMVA Community Work to be Showcased at 2019 EID Forum 

    AAMVA and EReg are pleased to invite you to participate in this year's eID Forum taking place September 17-18, in Tallinn, Estonia. Sessions will include discussions on forthcoming mDL work in the U.S. and around the world, and will feature Ian Grossman (AAMVA, USA), Servi Beckers (EReg Association), Geoff Slagle (AAMVA, USA), Simo Karppinen (Traficom, Finland), Bas Van den Berg (RDW, The Netherlands), Arjan Geluk (ISO/UL The Netherlands) and Vangelis Sakkopoulos (ISO, Sweden/Greece). The two-day event will include participants from several DMVs, Road Administrations, Ministry of Interiors/Police Authorities, and Governmental Agencies from around the world. For information please visit https://eidforum.org – registration for governmental employees is free.

    This Week's Webinars

    NMVTIS State Web Interface (SWI) – How to Correct Title and Brand Data on the Central Site 
    Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 2:00-3:00 pm (ET) 
    In the past, states contacted the AAMVA Help Desk directly if they needed to make a data correction. As part of the NMVTIS reengineering effort, a Help Desk feature was created to allow states to correct their title and brand data on the central site. When states perform their own data corrections the timeliness and accuracy of the data corrections improves substantially. This webinar is focused on explaining the capability of the Help Desk feature as included in the SWI. Data correction scenarios are explained and matched to the correct update operation within the SWI. A brief overview of the SWI application will also be provided.
    Note: This webinar is for AAMVA jurisdiction members only.
    NMVTIS Suspense Resolution for Online States (AMIE Version) – Part 1  
    Thursday, August 22, 2019, 1:00 - 2:00 pm (ET)  
    NMVTIS has two third party transactions that involve updates between the central site and multiple states. Because the transactions involve multiple states and the central site, it is possible for a transaction to break down before it completes. Further activity against this title record is greatly restricted until the problem is resolved. This webinar provides instruction as to how to identify and resume suspended transactions. The intended audience for this webinar are NMVTIS Help Desk Personnel, Business Process Analyst and IT System Integrators. 
    Note: This webinar is for AAMVA jurisdiction members only.


    The following articles from AAMVA's Regional News for August 9, 2019 received the highest click-through rates:

    Twin Brothers Pulled Over in Ohio for Near-Identical License Plates While en Route to Twins Festival

    Twin brothers driving near-identical vehicles were pulled over Thursday while driving to the annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, after state troopers suspected the pair each had the same license plate number. Andy Baker told FOX8 he and his identical brother Chad were heading to the festival from Nashville, Tenn. in separate blue Teslas when state troopers stopped them, although they were not speeding. Read more at foxnews.com.


    MNLARS Replacement Announced (Minnesota)

    The State of Minnesota announced...that they have officially selected a replacement for the scrapped Minnesota State Licensing and Registration System known as MNLARS. The company, called Fast Enterprises was the only one who responded to a request for proposals in June. They are responsible for implementing vehicle title and registration programs in 11 other states. Read more at knsiradio.com.


    How Much Traffic Do Uber and Lyft Cause?

    Also new since the Great Recession—Uber and Lyft. These ride-hailing services stormed into cities in the 2010s with a grand utopian promise: By tapping into America's vast reservoir of idle vehicles, on-demand, app-based rides would reduce the need for personal car ownership and ultimately remove cars from the road...But now, less than a decade into this experiment, the industry is 'fessing up...The ride-hailing giants released a joint analysis showing that their vehicles are responsible for significant portions of VMT in six major urban centers. Read more at citylab.com.


    MVC Chief: Agency Working Hard to Reduce Inconvenience of Real ID Licenses (New Jersey)

    Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron speaks with Sue Fulton, the head of New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission, to hear about the status of REAL ID implementation in New Jersey. She spoke about snags the agency has experienced, the change in workflow it's having to manage, and the steps involved in beta testing the new federal safety protocol. Read more at njtvonline.org.


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