Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with



AAMVA Presents at the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Conference


AAMVA Attends Attorney General Alliance Regulators Conference


Specific Use License Plate Working Group Meets in Austin


Now Available: National Motor Vehicle Title Information System 2021 Annual Report and Financial Audit

One Driver, One License, One Record

keeping you safe!

AAMVA's State-to-State Verification Service's Driver History Record feature allows states to determine if a driver license applicant already has a license in another state and if so ensures that their driving record is transferred to the new state. It also supports the electronic exchange of out-of-state convictions and withdrawals. This provides better intrastate communication for nationwide consistency, prevents bad players from slipping through the cracks, eliminates a slow paper and manual process, and makes the driver license a more secure credential. The result is safer roadways and more secure identities. Learn more by watching this video about the service.

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2022 September Board of Directors Meeting


CSTIMS Privacy Policy Training


2022 August CDLIS Subcommittee Meeting


S2S: Overview


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