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  • AAMVA Hosts Annual CDL Examiner Update Classes

    CDLExaminerUpdate1  CDLExaminerUpdate2

    AAMVA conducted two Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) Examiner Update Classes at Pinellas Technical College in St. Petersburg, Florida, during the week of September 23, 2019. The classes were filled to capacity with twenty-eight CDL Examiners representing twenty-one states, two Airmen from the US Air Force, and ten State Program Managers from FMCSA in attendance.

    AAMVA Presents at EUCARIS General Assembly


    AAMVA CIO and VP of Information Technology Philippe Guiot presented at the EUCARIS General Assembly in Bunratty, Ireland. EUCARIS, the EUropean CAR and driving licence Information System, is a system that connects European countries so they can share vehicle and driving licence information and other transport-related data. 22 European countries were represented at the General Assembly. Philippe Guiot's presentation focused on information sharing in North America. Read more at eucaris.net.

    AAMVA Leadership Academy Applications Now Being Accepted

    The Leadership Academy provides professional development opportunities for future leaders in the AAMVA community. This program is designed for jurisdiction employees who have demonstrated leadership potential and the ability to succeed in positions of greater responsibility within their agencies. The program will take place May 4-7, 2020. Attendees must have the approval and support of the Chief Administrator of their agency to apply. All expenses will be paid by AAMVA. This week-long program will include modules on defining leadership, team work and collaboration, change management, and more. It is an intense training opportunity focused on the unique characteristics of leading and managing a motor vehicle or law enforcement agency. The draft course outline provides more information on what topics will be included. If you are interested, please fill out the application form and send it along with your resume to Janice Dluzynski. Class size will be limited to eighteen participants and we can accept only one application from each member agency. Applications are due by November 7, 2019. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact: Janice Dluzynski or 703-908-5842. See what prior participants had to say about the AAMVA Leadership Academy in this video.

    Join UL & AAMVA at mDL Café

    There's an app for almost everything these days, whether it's shopping, tracking your exercise or finding your way. Now driver's licenses are making the transition from a card to a digital application on your mobile phone; a mobile driver license (mDL). Jointly hosted by AAMVA and UL – mDL Café is a 90 minute webinar discussing ISO standard and implementation guidelines, as well as use cases with mDL ecosystem stakeholders. This webinar is open to Issuers and industries involved in the mDL ecosystem and mDL technology providers. Read more at connect.ul.com.

    This Week's Webinars

    NMVTIS Suspense Resolution for Online States (AMIE Version) – Part 1 

    Thursday, October 17, 2019, 1:00 - 2:00 pm (ET)

    NMVTIS has two third party transactions that involve updates between the central site and multiple states. Because the transactions involve multiple states and the central site, it is possible for a transaction to break down before it completes. Further activity against this title record is greatly restricted until the problem is resolved. This webinar provides instruction as to how to identify and resume suspended transactions. The intended audience for this webinar are NMVTIS Help Desk Personnel, Business Process Analyst and IT System Integrators.

    Note: This webinar is for AAMVA jurisdiction members only.

    The following articles from  AAMVA's Regional News for October 11, 2019 received the highest click-through rates:

    Customs Officers Intercept Record Number of Stolen Vehicles at Port of Wilmington (Delaware)

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a stolen 2018 Cadillac Escalade, valued at more than $57,000 at the Port of Wilmington, Del, September 25...This recovery was one of a record 16 stolen vehicles that CBP officers at the Port of Wilmington seized during fiscal year 2019, which ended on September 30. The combined value of the stolen vehicles is $454,007, also a CBP Port record...Officers discovered that the Escalade's visible vehicle identification number (VIN) belonged to a 2018 Mercedes Benz and detained the vehicle for a thorough examination. Read more at firststateupdate.com.

    How a 16-Year-Old With Vision Impairment Got Michigan Driving Law Changed

    A 16-year-old Jenison High School student was able to get a Michigan driving law changed after testifying in front of the state Senate. Two bills were brought before and eventually approved by the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives this summer. Senate Bill 192 introduced a waiver to the 10 hours of night driving needed for drivers under 18 to get a Michigan graduated driver's license if the driver has an impairment that disallows them from driving at night anyway. Read more at mlive.com.

    The Real ID Driver's Licenses Are Here. You Have Questions, So We Got You the Answers. (New Jersey)

    Real ID is now available and travelers planning to use the more secure driver's licenses to board a commercial airliner have questions about how to get it and what documents they need to bring to the motor vehicle agency. We received some insightful and a few very technical Real ID questions from readers on Twitter and by email. We turned to the experts at the state Motor Vehicle Commission and the Transportation Security Administration for the answers, as we did in our first Real ID Q&A. Read more at nj.com.

    DOJ Asks for More Time to Review Undocumented Immigrant Driver's License Law (New York)

    The U.S. Department of Justice says it needs time to weigh in on a legal challenge to a new state law that gives undocumented immigrants access to driver's licenses in New York. Federal prosecutors asked a judge for more time to consider their position on a lawsuit brought by several upstate county clerks that says the new law violates U.S. labor and immigration laws. There are also concerns about possible voter fraud from issuing government ID to undocumented people. Read more at wshu.org.

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