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  • Presentations from Region 1 Conference Available Online

    r1_conference_cnLast week, AAMVA hosted the Region 1 Conference in Wilmington, Delaware, ending with the swearing in of the new Region 1 president, AAMVA board member Chrissy Nizer (Maryland). During the conference, members had the opportunity to network and attend sessions on hot topics, including drug impaired driving, automated vehicles and Real ID. View photos of the event by visiting our Flickr page. Presentations are available for download on the AAMVA website. If you attended the conference, please don't forget to provide feedback via the survey on our mobile app. Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors who made this event possible!

    Pennsylvania Implements State-to-State Verification System (S2S)

    Pennsylvania successfully implemented S2S during the weekend of May 20, 2018, becoming the 17th participant using the new service. Pennsylvania will henceforth be able to use SPEXS to perform its CDLIS and S2S functions. We would like to thank volunteer states North Carolina and Wyoming who assisted with Pennsylvania's migration. New Mexico is next to begin using the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S), with a rollout planned for June 18, 2018. Read more here.

    NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group (BRWG) Vacancy

    The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group (NMVTIS BRWG) was established to focus on state business processes, policies and procedures. It is made up of representatives from jurisdictions in all four regions. These jurisdictions represent the various modes of participation in NMVTIS, specifically, fully integrated online, batch, or some combination of the two. The Working Group currently has two vacancies and is seeking applications from subject matter experts of the NMVTIS business processes. 

    If you would like to apply for this working group, please complete the application and email it to Dianne Graham at committees@aamva.org. Applications must be received by June 11, 2018. If you have questions about the working group, please contact Casey Garber.

    The following articles from Regional News - May 18, 2018 received the highest click-through rates:

    Digital License Plates Are Here to Overhaul Old-Fashioned Metal Plates 

    Welcome to the 21st century, where even license plates are digitized. Cars have come a long way in the past century. From the early 1900s, when the Ford Model T was the latest car cruising Americas (unpaved) highways and byways, to now, when cars are crammed full of modern technology, there's always been one common thread. That piece of metal that hangs out at the back, and sometimes the front, of your car: your license plate. Read the article at tflcar.com.  

    These Are the Most Popular Vanity License Plate Designs In Texas 

    If you've seen a lot of black license plates on Texas roads, there's a reason. The "Classic Black" license plate — a throwback to the 1960s, when this was the standard plate issued — was the top selling license plate in Texas last year for the second year in a row. Read the article at star-telegram.com.

    'Real' ID Not Catching On In Massachusetts Yet

    The Registry of Motor Vehicles began issuing licenses compliant with the federal REAL-ID law in late March, but those new forms of identification have yet to fully catch on, according to a top transportation official.  The majority of people recently obtaining identification through RMV service centers have opted for a standard Massachusetts license, while at AAA locations, more people are seeking REAL-ID cards, Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin Deveney said Monday. Read the article at salemnews.com.

    Online System Will Provide Wait Times At State's Busiest DMV Offices, Including Concord (New Hampshire)

    Waiting at the DMV is nobody's idea of fun, but the state hopes that telling people how long they will have to wait in line might ease the psychological burden.  Using a queuing system launched in September, on Thursday the Division of Motor Vehicles will begin displaying an online list of how many people are in line at its five biggest offices, including in Concord, and the typical wait time one should expect. Read the article at concordmonitor.com

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