2023-2027 Strategic Framework

AAMVA's Strategic Framework guides our projects, priorities, and activities, by providing direction and expectations represented in our Annual Operating Plan. It focuses on goals and outcomes to develop initiatives and measures that enable us to achieve our mission and vision.

The new Strategic Framework (2023-2027), which builds on the work of the previous framework (2019-2022), sets specific goals for each of four strategic priorities - member-driven solutions, culture of excellence, technology management, and fiscal integrity. To develop the new framework, a committee comprised of members of the Board of Directors, worked for two years to assess, discuss, and draft the framework update. The committee determined that the core tenants of the previous framework are still relevant and should be retained as part of AAMVA's ongoing mission. The committee focused instead on updating and adding key goals and outcomes to the four strategic priorities, which reflect members' evolving needs. The edits to the framework were based on a member needs and satisfaction assessment that was conducted in the early part of 2022, brainstorming sessions, and collective feedback gathered from members and staff.

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