AAMVA Leadership

AAMVA is helmed by an International Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives from the jurisdiction membership. Under the Board sit standing committees, which represent the disciplines for Drivers, Law Enforcement, and Vehicles and other programs. Various subcommittees and working groups are convened by the standing committees to provide guidance, resources, and solutions on topics of interest to the membership. AAMVA's four regions have their own independent boards of directors that oversee their annual conferences and other activities within their respective regions.

International Board of Directors

Direction and leadership for AAMVA begins with the International Board of Directors, which represent our jurisdictional membership

Regional Boards of Directors

Each of AAMVA’s four regions has its own board of directors who are responsible for overseeing the business of the respective regions

Committees, Subcommittees & Working Groups

Members contribute to program and policy development by serving on volunteer committees, subcommittees, and working groups

Staff Executive Leadership Team

Oversee a dedicated and professional team organized into five divisions: Information Technology, Member Services and Public Affairs, Business...