AAMVA’s vision of Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Secure Identities, Saving Lives! is at the core of our driver programs, as we promote uniformity, reciprocity, and interoperability in all areas of driver licensing. Through the Driver Standing Committee and its many working groups, AAMVA members develop standards, best practices, and guidelines for driver testing, licensing administration, and driver safety programs.

Featured Topics

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Distracted Driving
Noncommercial Driver Education
Commercial Driver License
Driver Fitness
Driver License Foreign Reciprocity
Driver License Compact
Motorcycle Licensing

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Staff Subject Matter Expert

Patrick Fernan, JD, MPA

Director, Driver Licensing Programs

Staff Subject Matter Expert

Jeff Oberdank

Program Director, Commercial Driver Licensing

Staff Subject Matter Expert

Denise Hanchulak

Program Director, Certification & Standards

Staff Subject Matter Expert

Jessica Ross

Program Director, Driver Licenses