For over 30 years, AAMVA has provided a variety of technology services including application solutions, network services, software products, and standards that allow members to securely share driver, vehicle, and identity verification data with organizations.

Today, AAMVA’s systems process more than 2.4 billion messages annually and AAMVA manages over 140 leased lines and four data centers. More than 120 IT staff members provide full lifecycle development and support for mission-critical nationwide systems with around 99.9% average availability.

The scope of our technology services includes the following:

  • System applications: We provide and support nationwide driver, vehicle, and identity verification systems that facilitate the electronic data exchange of information between organizations.
  • Network services: We offer high quality, cost-effective data communications solutions to subscribers, including leased lines, electronic data interchange, and messaging tools.
  • Unified Network Interface (UNI): We provide an AAMVA-developed software product that acts as an interface between an organization's application system and the AAMVA telecommunication network (AAMVAnet). UNI translates messages to and from your partner organizations so that you can focus on your applications and your core business logic.
  • Technology standards: We support technology standards for securely exchanging motor vehicle, driver, and identity verification information, including data element standards and message exchange protocols.


Information systems that facilitate the electronic exchange of driver, vehicle, and identity information between organizations

Network Services

With leased line connections to all 51 U.S. motor vehicle licensing jurisdictions, AAMVA can provide network connection access to the motor vehicle...

Unified Network Interface (UNI)

Software that facilitates jurisdictions to communicate with other organizations over AAMVAnet, a telecommunication network that enables government...

Technology Standards

Support and optimize the exchange of data between organizations and include data element standards, message exchange protocols, and others that can...

Systems Maintenance Schedules

Schedules for when AAMVA systems and applications are down for maintenance and when jurisdictions have windows of maintenance on their own systems

Systems Outage Reports and Analytics

Root cause analysis documents on major system outages and availability statistics