Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) Service

Driver licenses, driving permits, and identification cards (collectively “DL/ID”) issued by U.S. jurisdictions are regularly used as proof of identity. However, a card can be counterfeit or altered. The purpose of AAMVA’s Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) Service is to provide commercial and government entities with the real-time capability to verify DL/ID information against data from the issuing agency. DLDV connects industry and motor vehicle agencies in real time to create a uniform solution for identity verification. 

The DLDV Service provides users with immediate verification of identification document data. DLDV users submit data on an identification document and the service returns a flag for each data element indicating whether or not the element matches the data on file with the issuing jurisdiction. Users interact with the service via a web-service call. 

Interested customers should review DLDV Overview for Customers.

The DLDV Service offers these benefits for participating jurisdictions: 

  • Participation in the fight against the fraudulent use of proof-of-identity documents
  • Fee-based revenues, which AAMVA shares with the jurisdictions

It is easy for jurisdictions to join DLDV because:

  • It uses a transaction which all U.S. jurisdictions have already implemented so there is hardly any additional implementation effort needed
  • It protects personally identifiable information by not releasing any of the jurisdiction’s data

Interested jurisdictions should review the information in the documentation below.

AAMVA must approve all customers before implementing DLDV. Also, all customers must sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving DLDV documentation. If you are interested in using the DLDV service or need more information about the approval process, please contact us below.


Click on the map graphic to view Jurisdictions who participate in DLDV. 

Scheduled Maintenance

For when scheduled maintenance on DLDV will occur, please visit here.


For information regarding the rate schedule for DLDV, please contact us. Private entities must sign a non-disclosure agreement with AAMVA prior to receiving rate information. 


DLDV documentation is available below to jurisdiction and federal members only

file - 07/07/2020

DLDV Overview Release for Jurisdictions 2.1.1

Provides an overview of the DLDV application for jurisdictions.

For questions or more information about DLDV, please contact us.

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