Best Practices

Through our standing committees, Driver, Vehicle, and Law Enforcement, and their various subcommittees and working groups, AAMVA develops numerous resources to guide members through myriad complex issues. These resources are primarily developed by member volunteers who lend their time and expertise to create comprehensive sources of knowledge and guidance on relevant topics.

Below are the most recent and widely used best practices, guidelines, manuals, standards, and white papers.

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file - 05/24/2024

Emergency Resilience and Response Best Practices Guide

This best practices document is a foundational document to support jurisdictions as they prepare for emergencies and plan for continuity of operations. It is intended to provide planning basics, invite more nuanced discussions of risks and issues unique to each jurisdiction, and encourage members...

file - 05/08/2024

Persons with Disabilities Placards and License Plates: Best Practices in Deterring and Detecting Fraud and Misuse, Edition 2

The goal of this best practices guide is to assist member jurisdictions in improving the issuance of disability placards and plates, the deterrence and detection of fraud in these areas, and the enforcement of disability parking violations. 

file - 03/18/2024

Guidelines for Regulating Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems, Edition 4

Provides a framework for standardized regulations among jurisdictions that choose to enact some form or level of regulation of vehicles equipped with driving automation system technology

file - 03/06/2024

Guidance for the Acceptance of Signatures on Physical Odometer Disclosure Statements

A compilation of guidelines for jurisdictions to aid them in their decision making for acceptance of physical odometer disclosure statements.

file - 10/30/2023

Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices Guide, Edition 3

The updated document enhances the prior 2018 document and formulates recommendations to solves jurisdiction reciprocity challenges. Model legislation was updated and AAMVA system enhancements are recommended.

file - 10/13/2023

License Plate Standard, Edition 3

This standard was developed to support a jurisdiction’s ability to produce license plates that enhance accurate license plate identification while not limiting a jurisdiction’s flexibility for innovation and allowing for ultiple license plate designs.

file - 09/18/2023

Strengthening Distracted Driving Education, Legislation, and Enforcement, Edition 2

With the proliferation of personal electronic devices and in-vehicle technology in our society, many jurisdictions have enacted or pursued enhancements to distracted driving laws to reduce or eliminate crashes in which the proximate cause is distracted driving alone or in combination with other...

file - 09/15/2023

Law Enforcement Guide for Non-U.S. Driver Licenses

Provides guidance for Law Enforcement Officers who are presented a driver license from outside the United States

file - 03/06/2023

Regulation of Specific-Use License Plates Best Practices

Best practices in managing and administering a specific-use license plate program

file - 03/06/2023

CDL Driver History Record Best Practices Guide

Best practices document to serve as a guide to assist jurisdictions in maintaining updated and complete CDL holder Driver History Records (DHRs) as well as in knowing how to access and interpret these records

file - 02/01/2023

Mobile Driver's License Implementation Guidelines 1.2

Updated Mobile Driver's License (mDL) Implementation Guidelines (1.2) represent the bulk of the current guidance and points to additional resources as needed. 

file - 10/25/2022

MVA Investigative Unit Resource Guide

This Resource Guide includes general organizational and operational principles and guidance for MVA investigative units based on the research, experiences, and practices of Working Group members and the agencies they represent.

file - 08/11/2022

AAMVA Model Driver’s License Manual

This model manual is intended for AAMVA jurisdictions to use in customizing their own driver license manuals.

file - 06/10/2022

Developing and Maintaining Successful Prosecutor Partnerships Whitepaper, Educational Slides, and Handout

How to develop and enhance prosecutorial partnerships; includes a customizable Prosecutor Handout and customizable Educational Slides to use when meeting with prosecutors

file - 06/07/2022

Jurisdiction Considerations for Electronic Titling Whitepaper

Povides 15 topics for jurisdictions to contemplate as they begin or continue their journey towards implementing electronic titling solutions

file - 03/22/2022

Dyed Diesel Fuel Fraud Detection and Enforcement Best Practices

Jurisdictions looking to develop or enhance a dyed diesel enforcement program will find value in utilizing this document for optimal program efficiency and effectiveness.

file - 03/18/2022

Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Best Practices, Edition 2

This Best Practice will aid in equipping MVAs with the latest information to bolster the security of these credentials and services.

file - 11/15/2021

Electronic Titling Framework

AAMVA's E-Title Working Group was established to support jurisdictions as they transition from paper-based title processes to an electronic titling solution.

file - 10/01/2021

License Plate Reader Program Best Practice

License plate readers are an effective law enforcement and traffic safety tool and are critical to government entities—such as tolling and parking enforcement authorities—who use the technology to enforce the law and collect revenue.

file - 08/01/2021

Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices

The Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices document was developed as a resource document to assist AAMVA member jurisdictions in making informed decisions when negotiating driver license reciprocity memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with foreign jurisdictions.

file - 06/01/2021

Regulation of Off Road Vehicles Best Practices

Jurisdictions are often faced with requests to register or title vehicles that are not manufactured for use on public roadways. These off-road vehicles may lack many safety features such as doors, windshields, seatbelts, lights, braking systems, steering mechanisms, and so on that are required on...

file - 05/01/2021

Automated Delivery Vehicles and Devices Whitepaper

The purpose of AAMVA's new Automated Delivery Vehicles and Devices Whitepaper is to provide clarity and guidance on developing a common policy framework to assist jurisdictions in regulating automated vehicle and robotics technologies.

file - 05/01/2021

Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement Best Practices, Edition 3

The suspension of driving privileges has long been used to address poor driving behavior, and research has proven that it can be effective in reducing traffic crashes. However, what was originally intended as a sanction to address poor driving behavior is now used as a mechanism to gain...

file - 03/01/2021

Imported Vehicles: Guidance on Establishing Jurisdictional Policy

The Imported Vehicles Working Group (IVWG) created Imported Vehicles: Guidance on Establishing Jurisdictional Policy to assist jurisdictions by providing information and recommendations for consideration when establishing policy to determine eligibility for vehicles to be titled and/or registered...

file - 02/01/2021

Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice

This document is a best practice guide for motor vehicle agencies to protect driver and vehicle records, provide access and authorize usage consistent with law, and apply effective and efficient approaches to internal and external audit practices. 

file - 02/01/2021

Third-Party Agent Administration Best Practices

AAMVA jurisdictions use third-party agents (agents) to perform driver and/or motor vehicle transactions on behalf of the motor vehicle administration and in compliance with jurisdiction statutes and rules. 

file - 10/01/2020

Odometer Rule Disclosure Exemption Change Whitepaper

On October 2, 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a final rule on odometer disclosure requirements. One of the most important and immediate impacts of the final rule are new requirements regarding the capture of mileage disclosure for a significant number of...

file - 10/01/2020

AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard (2020)

This document provides a standard for the design of driver licenses (DL) and identification (ID) cards issued by AAMVA member jurisdictions. 

file - 03/01/2020

Best Practices for the Prevention of Abandoned Vehicle and Mechanic's-Lien Fraud

This best practice assists in facilitating a consistent and balanced approach by jurisdictions to avoid regulatory practices that could create unreasonable hurdles for industry while at the same time improving the overall process of mechanic’s lien title transfers and the deterrence and detection...

file - 12/01/2019

Wholesale Vehicle Dealer Licensing Whitepaper

This whitepaper tackles issues related to the licensing and regulation of wholesale vehicle dealers and provides an overview of steps some jurisdictions have taken to overcome these concerns. 

file - 12/01/2019

Salvage and Junk Vehicle Best Practice

Implementing the recommendations included in this best practice will help jurisdictions consistently and uniformly brand vehicles that may pose a safety risk to the motoring public, thus achieving a comprehensive vehicle history and ultimately improving consumer protection and public safety. 

file - 12/01/2019

Best Practices for the Regulation of Internet Vehicle Sales

This best practice addresses the retail sale of vehicles advertised and sold online by licensed dealers and private parties. Topics related to vehicle sales but considered out of scope for this document include general dealer licensing requirements, general advertising requirements, wholesale...

file - 12/01/2019

Facial Recognition Program Best Practices, Edition 2

​Customer privacy and the protection of personal information is paramount and should be consistent with the laws of the jurisdiction. Although biometric matching itself raises privacy concerns for some, the use of the technology actually helps protect people’s privacy and personal identities.   

file - 08/01/2019

Guidelines for Testing Drivers in Vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

AAMVA has been leading an effort to assist its members to advance their understanding of vehicle technologies designed to perform and/or assist in some or all of the dynamic driving tasks that humans perform today. As the AAMVA community became more informed, it began to understand the impact...

file - 01/01/2019

Mobile Driver’s License Functional Needs White Paper, Version 0.9

This white paper discusses functional needs for and practical considerations associated with a mobile driver’s license solution.  

file - 01/01/2019

Electric Dockless Scooters Whitepaper

The explosion of these e-scooters has created unique challenges and many regulators are viewing them similarly to the shared bike and e-bike systems. 

file - 11/01/2018

NMVTIS Best Practices for Title and Registration Program Managers, Edition 4

Establishing these best practices will go a long way to help ensure that NMVTIS is the best tool available for preventing title fraud; ensuring vehicle brands are carried forward; and ensuring that a comprehensive vehicle history is established, which will ultimately improve consumer protection...

file - 03/01/2018

Roadmap to Electronic Odometer Disclosure

There is a movement among states to modernize motor vehicle titling systems and processes, and states are eager to implement an electronic titling (e-titling) system that will facilitate the transfer of ownership electronically. The implementation of this process provides an opportunity to...

file - 05/01/2017

System Modernization Best Practices

The guidance in this document contains lessons learned through project successes, struggles, and failures. It provides a roadmap for a successful system modernization experience.

file - 12/01/2016

AAMVA Model Mentor Guide: A Skills Log for Providing In-Car Supplemental Instruction

This Model Mentor Guide was developed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) for use by jurisdictional driver license administrations to support supervised practice driving for new drivers. The guide has been developed to support the AAMVA Noncommercial Model Driver...

file - 09/01/2016

Resource Guide on Gender Designation on Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards

This is a resource guide summarizing jurisdictions’ policies and procedures on gender designation changes on the driver license and ID.

file - 03/02/2015

Motorcycle Operator Manual

The AAMVA Motorcycle Operator Manual (MOM) includes an updated motorcycle operator's manual and knowledge test question pool. The MOM will help ensure motorcycle riders know what they need to know to safely operate on the roads, while promoting uniformity in the way jurisdictions test rider...

file - 08/01/2014

Design Principles and Guidelines for Secure DL/ID Cards (SCDP)

This Secure Card Design Principles (SCDP) whitepaper is intended to lay out a set of principles, guidelines, and practices that can maximize the probability of developing and maintaining a DL/ID that will be resistant to compromise.

file - 12/01/2013

Best Practices for Title and Registration of Reconstructed and Replica Vehicles

This document establishes best practices for the title and registration of reconstructed vehicles (permanently altered from original equipment manufacturer construction by removing, adding, or substituting major components) and replica vehicles (newly built vehicles, usually for hobbyists...

file - 10/01/2013

Best Practices for the Regulation of Three-Wheel Vehicles

The purpose of this guide is to aid jurisdictions in adhering to a consistent method of defining and identifying three-wheel vehicles. This can be accomplished by implementing the best practices developed by the Three-Wheel Vehicle Working Group to regulate on-highway operation and registration...

file - 09/01/2013

eID Whitepaper

With the advancement of technology, more and more people are using the internet to perform tasks that historically were required to be done in person. In light of these realities, AAMVA created a working group to monitor this progression and guide its membership in addressing the issues...

file - 11/01/2012

Best Practices for Title and Registration of Rebuilt and Specially Constructed Vehicles

These best practices help prevent the operation of rebuilt vehicles unfit for road use. They also aim to ensure that the titling and registration is consistent among jurisdictions.

file - 09/01/2009

Graduated Driver License Best Practices

Graduated driver licensing programs minimize the high risks of motor vehicle crashes by teenagers by delaying the age at which a driver can achieve full licensure and by restricting driving under specific hazardous conditions prior to full licensure. 

file - 08/01/2009

Model Problem Driver Intervention and Education Program

The  Model Driver Improvement Program enhances the uniform treatment of problem drivers in all jurisdictions and to provide levels of treatment for problem drivers receiving three or more offenses within a three-year period.

file - 05/01/2009

Guidelines for Motorcycle Operator Licensing

This guideline document contains information on standard motorcycle operator licensing systems; motorcycle safety initiatives and strategies to increase proper licensure among motorcyclists within a jurisdiction.