AAMVA and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Visit Mississippi Department of Public Safety

By: AAMVA Staff

Patrick Fernan, AAMVA’s Director of Driver Licensing Programs, Kevin Lewis, AAMVA’s Program Director, Driver Licensing, and Patrice Aasmo, AAMVA's Director of Member Support for Regions 1 & 2, visited the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MS DPS) Driver Service Bureau last week in Canton, Mississippi. Joining the AAMVA team on the visit were two subject matter experts from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) – Rhonda Harris, CDL Coordinator and Lain Hawk, Driver License Supervisor. The ALEA duo augmented the visit with shared hands-on experiences as both neighbor and similar agency approach. Patrick, Kevin and Patrice provided details on AAMVA programs and resources available to members, benefits of collaboration with various stakeholders, as well as further opportunities for AAMVA engagement. Additionally, discussions included a variety of topics encompassing new and ongoing projects in the jurisdiction, ways to improve operations, and future plans. Big thanks to the ALEA team for joining AAMVA on the visit, and the executive team at MS DPS for the warm welcome and hospitality.