Data Element Dictionary for Traffic Records Systems (D20)

As the use of computerized data systems for motor vehicle programs increases, the need to transfer data between those systems and organizations also increases. The D20 Standard for Traffic Records Systems contains data element definitions used by the motor vehicle administration community. The standard provides standard terminology and coding instructions that promote uniformity of data elements exchanged between organizations in the following areas:

  • Motor vehicle registration and titling
  • Driver and commercial driver licensing
  • Motor vehicle inspection and insurance

Advantages of Using the D20 Standard

Communication standards such as D20 allow organizations (such as jurisdictions) to have a standardized convention to exchange business data. Through this exchange, driver and registration information is available to assure the issuance of accurate licenses, registration, and titles. D20 is designed to facilitate continued coordination among data system developers. For new systems and system modifications, organizations are encouraged to use data elements in the D20 dictionary whenever possible to promote consistency and uniformity.

D20 definitions are used in:

  • AAMVAnet systems to communicate between the jurisdictions and their partners
  • The encoding of data on driver license and identification cards
  • The Model Impaired Driver Records Information System (MIDRIS) and other electronic systems outside AAMVA
  • The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and other data standards

D20 Maintenance

Terminology and codes used in the D20 dictionary come from many sources. Whenever possible, definitions from other standards, practices, and rules are used to maintain consistency. Most requests to enhance D20 originate from motor vehicle agency systems because the D20 data definitions are used in the exchange of data between these systems. However, because D20 is an open standard, any interested party may submit a request to update D20.


D20 documentation is available below.

file - 01/01/2020

D20 Traffic Records Systems Data Dictionary 7.0.0

Provides model data definitions for use by motor vehicle agencies and their partners. AAMVA collects these data definitions and publishes the information in this document.

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