Policy Position on Vehicle Crime Investigation and Prosecution

In view of the continued incidence of vehicle crimes as one of the most costly and reoccurring crimes, and considering the high ratio of vehicle crimes that result in traffic crashes and violent criminal activity, AAMVA supports the U.S. Department of Justice in the campaign against vehicle crimes. AAMVA encourages all jurisdictions to vigorously investigate and prosecute all persons charged with vehicle crimes, including maximum prosecution by state and federal authorities.   
AAMVA encourages local, state, and federal vehicle crime investigators to use the “NMVTIS Law Enforcement Access Tool (LEAT)” as an investigative resource. AAMVA further supports the aggressive implementation of the Federal Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992 by all state motor vehicle administrators, encouraging the passage of state NMVTIS laws providing law enforcement officers the authority to enforce NMVTIS compliance at a local level. 

AAMVA encourages its members to consider the following when pursuing legislation: 
  • Require junk, salvage, and insurance entities to be registered with NMVTIS when required to do so and before being licensed to conduct business.
  • Limit the NMVTIS federal reporting requirements for junk, salvage, and insurance companies to within two business days of purchase.
  • Require records mandated by NMVTIS to be maintained for a minimum of five years of purchase date and open for inspection by a law enforcement officer or authorized representative of the licensing agency’s office. 
Provide a penalty for failing to comply with NMVTIS registration or reporting requirements.

[Amended 2019]