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  • For over 20 years, AAMVA has provided a variety of technology services including application solutions, network services, software products, and standards that enable members to securely share driver, vehicle, and identity verification data with organizations.

    Today, AAMVA's systems process more than three million messages per day and AAMVA manages over 140 leased lines and four data centers. Seventy IT staff members provide full lifecycle development and support for mission-critical nationwide systems with above 99.5% availability.

    The scope of services includes:

    Application Services Nationwide driver, vehicle, and identity verification systems that facilitate the electronic exchange of information between organizations. Read More >
    Network Services High quality, cost-effective data communications solutions to subscribers, including leased lines, EDI, and messaging tools. Read More >
    Software Products Interface and message translation products that facilitate communication with AAMVAnet, a telecommunication network that enables members to share information and data securely. Read More >
    Technology Standards Standards for exchanging motor vehicle and driver information, including data element standards, message exchange protocols, and others. Read More >


    If you have questions about our services, please contact AAMVA Support.

    AAMVA develops and maintains many information systems that facilitate the electronic exchange of driver, vehicle, and identity information between organizations. 

    These systems...
    Provide the ability to...
    Driver Licensing Locate and share driver records, track CDL skills testing, detect fraud...
    Vehicle Obtain and share vehicle title information, registration, liens...
    Verification Verify passport information, social security numbers, lawful status, vital events...

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    AAMVA strives to provide our network subscribers with high quality, cost-effective data communications solutions. With leased line connections to all 51 motor vehicle licensing jurisdictions, AAMVA can provide network connections for buyer access to a state's motor vehicle records

    AAMVA's Network Services provides application and networking solutions to its subscribers. The network services we offer are on the Verizon Private IP network. AAMVA also offers EDI and messaging tools from the GXS network. Because AAMVA buys a large volume of services from Verizon and GXS , these services are offered at a significant discount off of commercial rates.

    AAMVA's Network Account Managers can work with you to create custom network solutions as needed.

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    In addition to many applications and standards, AAMVA has software products that can help you to communicate with organizations over AAMVAnet™. AAMVAnet is a telecommunication network that enables government agencies and private sector businesses to share information and data securely.

    More Info

    The AAMVA Message Interchange Envelope Batch product (AMIE/ba) supports message translation for primarily non-DMV users of the AAMVA telecommunication network (AAMVAnet™). 

    This product is suited to organizations who use a batch network service and participate in only one AAMVA application.



    The Unified Network Interface (UNI) product resides on a site's host and fills an “interface” role between your application system and AAMVAnet™. 


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    Technology standards support and optimize the exchange of data between organizations. Standards include data element standards, message exchange protocols, and others that can be used in private and public environments. For example, standards can be used over virtual private networks (VPNs), the Internet, and batch exchange environments.

    AAMVA uses and develops many standards for exchanging motor vehicle and driver information, grouped into the following categories.

    These types of standards...
    And include...
    Data Standards Data element definitions and coding instructions to promote uniformity of data elements communicated between organizations. This allows you to identify and exchange data between you and your partners and jurisdictions to assure the issuance of accurate licenses, registrations, and title.
    Message Protocols Encoding of data so that it can be transferred between organizations that use any platform, with any application. AAMVA uses and provides protocols that can be used in any exchange environment, including the Internet, AAMVAnet, GXS Information Exchange, and batch file transfer.


    Standards Development

    AAMVA actively participates in standards development with AAMVA's member organizations as well as:

    In addition, AAMVA provides subject matter expertise to organizations for best practices in storing and exchanging motor vehicle and driver information. If you are interested in partnering with AAMVA for standards development or implementation, contact AAMVA Enterprise Architecture.


    AAMVA Online Systems Training aims to develop education, training and learning opportunities that meet the needs of AAMVA's membership in the use of all the systems and procedures to ensure commercial driver safety and compliance with Federal regulations. Our programs are learner-centered, interactive and are free for AAMVA members. 

    To view the schedule of upcoming online training sessions, see Online Systems Training.

    To view course descriptions and enroll in upcoming training sessions, go to the AAMVA Online Systems Training Portal (registration required).