• LE Training Video: 18 Wheels and BUSted

  • "18 Wheels and BUSted" training video

    18 Wheels and BUStedA law enforcement training video titled “18-Wheels & BUSted,” intends to raise awareness of the need to enforce traffic laws when violations are committed by drivers of trucks and buses and provide tips on making these traffic stops safely. This video, produced under the guidance of AAMVA, was funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and was made possible in large part because of support from the Colorado State Patrol. More than 14,000 copies of the DVD have been mailed to the chief executives of state, county and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States that are current members of either the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) or the National Sheriffs Association (NSA). The video has been posted on AAMVA's YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/aamvacommunications). For information on getting a copy of “18-Wheels & BUSted,” please contact Brian Ursino at 703-350-5103 or bursino@aamva.org.