• 2012 Region IV Conference Presentations

  • The following presentations were delivered at the 2012 Region IV Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM, June 18-21.

    June 19

    Partnerships on Fraud Investigation and Enforcement 

    Utilizing Partnerships to Process Title and Registration Work 

    June 20

    The Leadership Payoff: How the best leaders bring out the best in others...and so can you

    • Dr. Alan Zimmerman

    The 3 Life Saving Steps of Crisis Management

    • Tom Jacobs, Nevada

    Innovations and Going Green

    Officer Safety Initiatives

    Super Size Me

    Odometer Correction/Alteration Devices & Unconventional Working Group Update

    Medical, Modernization and Testing; What's New in Commercial Driver Licensing

    • Bill Quade, FMCSA
    • Kevin Lewis, AAMVA
    • Philippe Guiot, AAMVA
    • Steve Monson, Colorado

    A Guide to On Demand Services and a Mobile Workforce 

    Vehicle Lifecycle Administration


    Educational Safety Initiatives for Enforcement

    June 21

    The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Modernization Your DMV System

    Enforcement Efforts on Ignition Interlock

    Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety and You

    Managing Multiple Projects






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