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  •  HP LogoHP Enterprise Services | Elevator Wrap Sponsor | Contact: Michelle Moore | michelle.l.moore@hp.com | P: 317-446-4309 | www.hp.com/go/SLED/dmv
    HP offers multiple solutions to motor vehicle agencies including legacy application modernization services, custom development application services, correspondence management solutions, driver license and identification solutions, kiosks, and point of sale devices. HP provides subject matter expertise to agencies, in addition to best practices, motor vehicle framework artifacts, reusable components, and proven methodology. HP is a full-service motor vehicle administration provider, helping agencies improve customer service levels, reduce fraud and diminish costs without compromising. As the largest technology company in the world, we apply our expertise to each engagement to bring improved efficiency, reduced risk, and better service to our clients.

    IBM LogoIBM Corporation | USB Flash Drive & Downloads Center Sponsor | Contact: Wes Wolfertz | weston.wolfertz@us.ibm.com | P: 602-217-2812/207-318-8598 | www.ibm.com
    The IBM Corporation has created and delivered a host of motor vehicle services and solutions. These are designed to help government agencies save money and individual and business end users save both time and money. In the process they also reduce air pollution and gas consumption. The most significant of these services has taken motor-vehicle-service delivery from in offices with long lines to online and via IVR where renewing a vehicle registration, for example, takes only a few minutes and can be done from countless locations. IBM also teams with various other companies when they may have skills or solutions useful to the needs of specific jurisdictions. IBM has successfully worked with cities, counties, states, and countries to craft solutions that benefit those agencies, their citizens, and our planet.

     ID Scientific LogoID Scientific                     Booth 20 | Contact: Mark Wilkinson | mwilkinson@idscientific.com | P: 540-520-7798 | www.idscientific.com
    ID Scientific aids field authentication of identity documents.  We offer a comprehensive online database of images of US and Canadian exemplars, built in cooperation with AAMVA and the jurisdictions.  We provide front and back images in regular and UV light, as well as suggesting features chosen by a Certified Document Examiner as most helpful in field authentication. Various levels of the database allow increased scrutiny, along with the ability to compare ID’s side by side on screen. Automated comparisons are on the horizon.   

    iiX LogoInsurance Information Exchange (iiX) | Opening Session Co-Sponsor | Contact: Katie James | kjames@verisk.com | P: 979-393-9182 | www.iix.com
    Insurance Information Exchange (iiX), a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, is a leading provider of information, including motor vehicle records (MVRs), to insurance professionals and employers. Verisk is the property and casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims data and decision support services. Dedicated to privacy, iiX provides employment screening and insurance underwriting reports nationwide through a state MVR network and nationally recognized consumer reporting agencies.

    ITI LogoBooth 24             Intellectual Technology, Inc. | Contact: Craig Litchin | clitchin@iti4dmv.com | P: 760-476-9100 | www.iti4dmv.com
    Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) is the leading supplier of customized on demand printing and document delivery solutions throughout North America. ITI’s product designs and specialized software development are adjustable to each jurisdiction’s individual needs. ITI’s solutions include ATM-like Self-Service Terminals, over the counter on demand printing, and a centralized fulfillment center. Our cost per transactions pricing model eliminates up front capital outlays. ITI’s solutions offer cost reductions and time saving delivery through the real-time printing of vehicle registration renewals and duplicates, driver’s license renewals and duplicates, driver history records, insurance reinstatements, and all associated forms and security decals.

    LexisNexis LogoBooth 2         LexisNexis Risk Solutions | Opening Session Co-Sponsor | Contact: Kelly Tralongo | ktralongo@vitalchek.com | Dale Brown | dale.brown@lexisnexis.com  | P: (Kelly) 615-372-6853 (Dale) 678-694-3861 | paymentsolutions.lexisnexis.com
    LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is the leader in providing essential information that helps advance industry and society. LexisNexis Risk Solutions serves commercial organizations and government agencies and is comprised of several affiliated corporations, each offering premier customer-focused solutions. For more information, visit risk.lexisnexis.com. LexisNexis® Payment Solutions, a division of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, helps automate payments of fees, utility bills, license renewals, citations, monthly payments and much, much more. Services include online credit card/e-check payments, IVR phone payments, credit/debit payment at the counter, internal office system payments and payments by mail. For more information, visit paymentsolutions.lexisnexis.com.

    MarquisID LogoBooth 23             Marquis ID Systems | Workshop Daily Brief Sponsor | Contact: Mark Steigmeyer | marks@marquis-id.com | P: 260-497-6437 |
    MIDS is an American company providing solutions that are truly custom designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our solutions are based upon the latest technologies, providing superior performance and security. We are a privately owned company, having no stockholders to dictate our business plan. This approach allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers, not investors. To find out more about the fastest growing DL/ID provider in North America, please contact info@marquis-id.com, or call (260) 497-6437.

    Mathtech LogoBooth 25         Mathtech, Inc. | Contact: Steve Young | syoung@mathtechinc.com | P: 609-689-8520 | www.mathtechinc.com
    System Modernization - Clear Directions for Project Success.Mathtech has a fifty year tradition of successfully completing projects and working collaboratively with our clients. Mathtech has significant experience working with jurisdictions to plan and implement system modernizations. Our consultants help agencies define goals and create a vision for new business processes and technology. We help define requirements, prepare RFPs, design enterprise architectures, develop Business and IT Strategic plans, implement databases and systems, and manage large projects. Our PMO/Oversight/IV&V team has helped many agencies successfully complete complex projects. Contact us and we can share many lessons learned from other projects.

    MorphoTrust LogoBooth 11         MorphoTrust USA | Hotel Key Card Sponsor | Contact: Julie Collura | jcollura@morphotrust.com | P: 978-215-2400 | www.morphotrust.com
    MorphoTrust USA is the leading U.S. provider of identity solutions designed to simplify, protect, and secure the lives of the American people. We enable the goal of “One Person, One Identity” – verifying applicants are who they claim to be and delivering the secure credentials that Americans rely on to exercise their rights, gain access to benefits and services, and ensure trusted transactions, while reducing fraud. We deliver solutions for secure ID issuance, border management, law enforcement, retail, travel, and applicant vetting using biometrics, document authentication and data verification – with a nationwide network of over 1200 convenient Service Centers.

    MVVerisol LogoBooth 9         MV VeriSol | Contact: Charlie Pecchio | cpecchio@mvverisol.com | P: 888-837-4765 ext. 121 | www.mvverisol.com 
    MV VeriSol provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for real-time motor vehicle insurance verification. MV VeriSol’s Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification software (MVIV™) performs both event-based verification (traffic stops, registrations, accidents, courts) and ongoing verification to identify cancellations and gaps in coverage. MVIV performs online verification directly with insurance companies based on IICMVA specifications and industry standards with enhancements and integration as required by each jurisdiction. MVIV can reduce the uninsured motorist rate by up to 80% while providing a positive cash flow for the jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has the flexibility to implement differently based on legislation, business rules, preferences, and budget.

    NEMO-Q LogoBooth 6             NEMO-Q
    Contact: David Myers | dmyers@nemo-q.com | P: 972-347-1766 | www.nemo-q.com
    NEMO-Q is the industry leader customer flow management for walk-in and appointment traffic in DMV offices throughout the country. We serve our clients by equipping them with the necessary hardware and software tools not only to handle their customer traffic, but also to give them the ability to accurately measure their throughput. Through our extensive custom design and implementation processes, we are successful time and again in simplifying the way they handle their customer traffic.

    OnlineIVS LogoONLINE IVS Powered by Insure-Rite and HDI | Elevator Wrap Sponsor | Contact: Bart Blackstock | bblackstock@insure-rite.com | P: 801-556-3192 | www.insure-rite.com
    ONLINE IVS is an insurance verification system powered by HDI Solutions, Inc. and Insure-Rite, Inc. It is a comprehensive system of tools designed specifically to meet the uninsured motorist identification needs of any jurisdiction. Building on individual successes in Alabama and Utah, and joint success in Texas, our ONLINE IVS services are unparalleled in the vehicle insurance verification services industry. The ONLINE IVS team collectively has more than 25 years of experience with insurance verification systems in Utah, Alabama, Texas, Wyoming, and West Virginia including: Data Exchange, Letter Campaigns, Customer Service Call Centers, Law Enforcement Interface, and the IICMVA WEB services model.

    Polk LogoPolk | Badge Holder Sponsor | Contact: Alice Miles | alice_miles@polk.com | P: 248-728-7404 | www.polk.com
    Polk is a premier provider of information and marketing solutions to automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealers, automotive aftermarket companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and market research firms. Polk collects and interprets global data and provides extensive automotive expertise to help customers understand their market position, identify trends, build brand loyalty, conquest new business and gain a competitive advantage. A privately held global firm, Polk is based in Southfield, Michigan with operations in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For more information, please visit www.polk.com.

    QLess LogoBooth 22             QLess, Inc. | Contact: Michael Soderlund | michael.soderlund@qless.com | P: 303-549-2953 | www.qless.com
    QLess, Inc. is a remote mobile queuing system that allows DMVs customers to enter the queue online by texting or calling the system, via our user-friendly touchscreen kiosks, or by scheduling an appointment. QLess enables guests to wait how and where they wish, rather than being forced to sit and wait at the DMV. Guests are free to leave to run errands, go home, or go back to work rather than waiting. QLess returns to customers the time that would have been otherwise wasted waiting in line. DMV administrators, employees, and guests all benefit from the QLess DMV Solution.

     Solutions thru Software LogoBooth 5         Solutions Thru Software International | Contact: Cori Cuthbertson | cori@sts-intl.com | P: 877-926-4637 | www.solutionsthrusoftware.com
    With nearly 20 years of experience, Solutions Thru Software is the industry’s leading provider of computerized testing solutions and associated products. At STS, we put our customers first. We provide flexible, proven solutions to meet your business needs. We pride ourselves on providing timely, efficient service and reliable, user-friendly technology that increases productivity and satisfaction in today’s busy work environments. Take a look at our knowledge testing, road testing, and scheduling solutions and you will find technology designed and backed by people who truly commit to meeting your needs.

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