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  • Message from Heidi Francis
    Region I President

    One of the wonderful traditions of this organization is support for charity. Each Region I Conference raises funds through a silent auction and other events for charities chosen by the conference host. It is my privilege to inform you this year's 2014 AAMVA Region I Conference will support two charities: Mission Services Opportunity Centres and True Patriot Love, two charities I could not recommend more highly.

    2014 Region I Mission Services Opportunity Logo Mission Services Opportunity Centres is a Christian faith-based charity and social service agency committed to serving poor and marginalized people in Hamilton, Ontario, a community just west of Toronto. Our services are much more than food and shelter for homeless men and a shelter for women and their children who have fled family violence. We provide trusteeship for clients who want budgeting assistance, addiction treatment, employment services, a food bank, chaplaincy and more. Mission Services is about new beginnings and support for some of the most disadvantaged people in our community. As a Board member of Mission Services for five years I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact it has on the people we serve.
    2014 Region I True Patriot Love Logo

    True Patriot Love Foundation - TPL supports programs that improve the well-being of members of the Canadian Forces, veterans and their families. TPL focuses funding in three streams: mental health and well-being, physical health and rehabilitation, and family health and support. In recent years Canadian Forces have served with distinction in international missions in Afghanistan and the Balkans, and in difficult peace keeping missions around the world. Many of our Canadian Forces personnel have returned home severely injured as a result of their service. TPL provides support to them and their families where there is no other support.

    Be sure to bring your donations and lots of spending money to Toronto. I'm pretty sure our organizing team are working on something else also, that does not involve Jalapeno peppers!