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    American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)    Booth 111

    Dianne Graham | dgraham@aamva.org
    P: 703-522-4200 | www.aamva.org

    Founded in 1933, AAMVA actively supports North American motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies to achieve their missions. The association promotes traffic safety uniform programs in driver licensing, vehicle titling/registration, and motor carrier services, and provides technology solutions to its members.



    ACF Technologies, Inc.    Booth 212

    Nicole Almeida | shows@acftechnologies.com
    P: 828-398-0040 | www.acftechnologies.com
    ACF Technologies provides innovative web-based Customer Xperience Management (CXM) solutions without the use of any proprietary hardware.  Our cutting edge software features:  Appointment Scheduling; Q-Flow® Customer Flow; Predictive Analytics; Wayfinding; and Survey options.

    ALCOLOCK USA    Booth 116

    Adam Comeau | interlocks@alcolockusa.com
    P: 310-231-3650 | www.alcolockusa.com
    ALCOLOCK USA, a division of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems, is the leading provider of ignition interlocks and breath alcohol testers in the United States. With a product line that serves the automotive, industrial, law enforcement, public and personal safety markets, we provide solutions for the detection of impaired drivers, for the safe restoration of driving licenses and for the prevention of repeat offense. Our commitment to research and quality has set the benchmark in breath testing products for accuracy, function and reliability.



    Private-Label Water Sponsor
    Heidi Holst | heidi.holst@exploredata.com 
    P: 651-295-1516 | www.exploredata.com
    Explore Information Services, LLC and the U.S. operations of Audatex North America, Inc. have joined forces to become AudaExplore, a leading provider of underwriting and claims solutions to the insurance carrier, repair shop and government agency markets.  For more than 20 years, Explore has been a trusted partner of government entities in providing violation monitoring and driver record information to the insurance industry.  Explore’s IRP and IFTA software solutions for government automate critical processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs, while serving motor carriers more effectively.



    Auto Data Direct Inc.

    Wednesday Afternoon Networking Break Sponsor  
    George Armstrong | garmstrong@add123.com
    P: 850-877-8804 |  www.add123.com
    Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) provides a suite of innovative, web-based tools to help a wide range of industries securely access real-time motor vehicle data, expedite federal and state-required processes, and meet specific business needs.  ADD's history of jurisdictional cooperation goes back to its beginnings, in 1999, when ADD contracted with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to offer web-based access to Florida motor vehicle data.  Since then, ADD has steadily expanded its services, contracting with 33 jurisdictions, including providing certified towing notification letters in Texas, and building lien verification, title cancellation and salvage reporting services for Georgia.


    CBN Secure Technologies, Inc.

    Wednesday Morning Networking Break                                       
    Jim Fagan | jfagan@cbnsti.com
    Dan Sanchez |  dsanchez@cbnsti.com
    P: (Jim) 434-799-9280, ext. 4516, (Dan) 434-799-9280 ext. 4494  www.cbnco.com
    CBN Secure Technologies delivers the highest standards of security, quality, and stability in identification documents and issuance systems. Our leadership in the identification solutions market is built on a tradition of customer-focused relationships.  We do business differently, not just delivering our solutions on time and as advertised but providing leadership and working with our customers to address their changing business and technology needs.  We proudly deliver the most trusted, polycarbonate, laser engraved DL/ID solutions from our purpose built North American operations to seven leading AAMVA jurisdictions, including New York State, the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Wisconsin and Province of Alberta.


    Entrust Datacard   Booth 129

    Kathleen Synstegaard  | Kathleen_synstegaard@entrustdatacard.com  
    P: 952-988-1836 | www.entrustdatacard.com
    Entrust Datacard connects citizens and their governments by providing trusted identity and secure transaction technologies for a wide range of applications — ranging from border crossing and driver licensing to national ID programs and e-gov portals. Our solutions empower government agencies to enhance service levels while strengthening security, mitigating risk and controlling costs.


    Exeter Group, Inc.   Booth 222

    Barry Goleman | bgoleman@exeter.com  
    P: 916-802-5987 |  www.exeter.com
    Exeter brings deep expertise in motor vehicle business operations, business rules management, legacy system replacement, and web self-service functions to fulfill the mission of the DMV. These form the foundation of an innovative suite of driver and vehicle business applications called the Exeter Licensing SystemTM (ELS). We invite you to stop at our exhibit booth and see a DMV modernization solution architected to go further than your current service requirements with the flexibility to respond to the yet unknown legislative policy and service models that will be presented to you over the next 5-10+ years.

    Experian Automotive

    Wednesday Lunch Sponsor  
    John Drewke | john.drewke@experian.com
    P: 224-698-3077 | www.autocheck.com
    Experian Automotive provides information services and market intelligence that enables results-driven professionals to gain the fullest possible understanding of the market, the vehicles and the people who buy them. Its North American Vehicle DatabaseSM houses data on nearly 750 million vehicles and, with Experian’s credit, consumer and business information, provides an integrated perspective into the automotive marketplace. Experian Automotive’s AutoCheck® vehicle history reports provide dealers and consumers with in-depth information, allowing them to confidently understand, compare and select the right vehicles.

    Fast Enterprises, LLC    Booth 205

    Thursday Morning Networking Break  
    James G. Harrison |  JHarrison@FastEnterprises.com
    P: 877-275-3278  | www.fastenterprises.com
    Fast Enterprises is a premier provider of solutions for DMV system modernization. We develop and implement software used to administer a variety of government programs, including all aspects of driver licensing and control and vehicle titling and registration. Our production proven, commercial off-the-shelf software is configured, rather than programmed, to meet agencies’ specific business and technical objectives. Our software is browser-based, platform-independent, and SOA-compliant and runs on industry-standard hardware, database management systems, and operating systems. Since our founding in 1997, we have successfully delivered more than 160 production rollouts of our software to over 40 governments worldwide. Every one of these rollouts, representing the implementation of hundreds of government programs, have been completed on time and on budget.


    Foster & Freeman  Booth 226

    David Tobin | david.tobin@fosterfreeman.com  
    P: 888-445-5048 | www.fosterfreeman.com
    Supplying instruments to verify any type of document – passports, birth certificates, titles, licenses, etc.  Enabling a quick check of a document or a thorough forensic-level examination, to reveal security features, alterations and counterfeits. User-friendly and already proven effective in many jurisdictions.  Please visit the Foster & Freeman booth to see how the range of VSC instruments can help you detect fraudulent documents.

    Giesecke & Devrient  Booth 216

    Paul Mazzeo |  paul.mazzeo@gi-de.com   
    P: 800-387-9794 ext 2809  | www.gi-de.com 
    All products from Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) have one element in common: Trust. From secure identification through vehicle registration and driver’s licenses, to m-payments and beyond, G&D has played a decisive role in protecting individuals against identity fraud for many years, across all facets f modern life. For more than 160 years, Governments have placed their trust in the security and reliability of our secure ID and travel documents; central banks have entrusted us to safeguard the value promise printed on their banknotes; and commercial banks have trusted us to manage their customer information. 


    Insurance Information Exchange (iiX)

    Opening Session Cosponsor  
    Katie James |  kjames@verisk.com
    P: 979-393-9182 |  www.iix.com
    Insurance Information Exchange (iiX), a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies, is a leading provider of information, including motor vehicle records (MVRs), to insurance professionals and employers. Verisk is the property and casualty insurance industry’s leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting and claims data and decision support services. Dedicated to privacy, iiX provides employment screening and insurance underwriting reports nationwide through a state MVR network and nationally recognized consumer reporting agencies.

    Intellectual Technology, Inc.  Booth 105

    Craig Litchin | clitchin@iti4dmv.com  
    P: 760-476-9100 | www.iti4dmv.com
    ITI,  a leading DMV technology and service provider, offers self-service kiosks, on-demand print systems, and centralized fulfillment solutions for issuing registrations, license plates and driver licenses.  Motor Vehicle Agencies benefit from lower overall costs, increased revenues, reduced fraud and shorter customer wait times.   Agencies can take advantage of access to real-time reporting, comprehensive auditing, service monitoring and inventory management. ITI's systems require no upfront capital costs and are bundled to include hardware, software, documents, supplies, call center and field support at a reasonable per transaction fee.

    LexisNexis Payment Solutions Booth 209

    Kelly Tralongo |  ktralongo@vitalchek.com  
    Randy Gray    |    randall.gray@lexisnexis.com
    P: (Kelly) 800-669-8313, ext 86853, (Randy) 800-669-8313, ext 86862 |  http://paymentsolutions.lexisnexis.com
    LexisNexis® Payment Solutions is a division of LexisNexis®?Risk Solutions (risk.lexisnexis.com) the leader in providing essential information that helps advance industry and society, serving commercial organizations and government agencies. LexisNexis Payment Solutions helps automate payments for government agencies including fees, utility bills, license renewals, citations, monthly payments and much, much more. Services include online credit card/e-check payments, IVR phone payments, credit/debit payment at the counter, internal office system payments and payments by mail. 

    LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc., Insurance Data Solutions

    Opening Session Cosponsor  
    Dale Brown | dale.brown@lexisnexis.com
    P: 678.694.3861 | www.lexisnexis.com/risk/
    LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc. is a leader in providing essential information, including driving records that helps customers across all industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, we provide products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy.

    LTAS Technologies Inc. Booth 211

    Allen Atamer |  info@harmari.com  
    P: 877-352-3277 |  www.harmari.com 
    LTAS Technologies provides Harmari Search, which helps identify motor vehicle title and odometer fraud for state and provincial motor vehicle dealer enforcement units.  Harmari Search is an archive of 300 million live and historic Craigslist ads and allows investigator powerful capabilities not available on Craigslist itself.   The Harmari Odometer Drip report red-flags any vehicles advertised with a known odometer discrepancy based on Carfax data, which is delivered weekly to investigators.

    Marquis ID, a Gemalto Company              Booth 109

    Hotel Key Card & General Conference Support Sponsor
    Steve Purdy   | Steve.purdy@gemalto.com
    P: 215-367-4361  |   www.marquis-id.com

    Marquis ID (MIDS), the fastest growing provider of driver’s license solutions in North America just got a bigger engine! With our field-proven, flexible solutions coupled with the resources and technology of one of the largest software companies in the world – Gemalto, the leader in digital security, MIDS cannot only deliver solutions that you need today but we can create the bridge to give you the solutions you need tomorrow. Welcome to the new Marquis ID, a Gemalto Company! 



    Mathtech Inc.           Booth 115

    Steve Young  | syoung@mathtechinc.com
    P: 609-689-8520 |  www.mathtechinc.com
    System Modernization—Clear Directions for Project Success. Mathtech has a 50-year tradition of successfully completing projects and working collaboratively with our clients. Mathtech has significant experience working with jurisdictions to plan and implement system modernizations. Our consultants help agencies define goals and create a vision for new business processes and technology. We help define requirements, prepare RFPs, design enterprise architectures, develop Business and IT Strategic plans, implement databases and systems, and manage large projects. Our PMO/Oversight/IV&V team has helped many agencies successfully complete complex projects. Contact us and we can share many lessons learned from other projects

    Matica Technologies Inc.        Booth 110

    Bill Potwin  | b.potwin@maticatech.com
    P: 864-272-1199 x 131 | www.maticatech.com
    Matica manufactures equipment for central and over-the-counter (OTC) issuance of driver licenses and ID cards. Four U.S. states currently use our printers for their DL/ID issuance, and many government agencies around the world use our card printers, laser engravers and mailing systems. Our product reliability and post-sale support have earned us a reputation as the go-to company for demanding card production situations. Contact us to learn what other state DL program administrators and major federal clients like NASA and FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers) have to say about their experience with us after trying the alternatives.

    MorphoTrust USA        Booth 220

    Flash Drive and Download Center Sponsor  
    Julie Zomar |  jzomar@morphotrust.com
    P: 978-799-1720 | www.morphotrust.com
    MorphoTrust USA is the innovative partner MVAs rely on to help them navigate the uncertain, unclear and ever-changing future of identity for the American people.

    Motor Vehicle Network Booth 206

    Brad Savage  |  bsavage@mvnetwork.com  
    P: 800-922-9933 | www.mvnetwork.com
    Motor Vehicle Network (MVN) provides customized information and entertainment to DMV customers waiting for service.  Viewed in high-definition on flat screen TVs, MVN is used as a communications tool between DMV headquarters and their customers to promote current safety initiatives, changes to regulations and office procedure information.  MVN developed the concept of communicating with DMV customers without audio over 20 years ago and this is still the industry standard today. Through sponsorship underwriting, MVN installs, updates and maintains the system at no cost to the jurisdiction.  Our established longevity and customer service commitment has resulted in MVN’s outstanding reputation across the country.  The partnership established between the jurisdictions and MVN has been a win-win for all.


    MV VeriSol Booth 228

    Charlie Pecchio | cpecchio@mvverisol.com  
    P: 888-837-4765 ext. 121 | www.mvverisol.com
    MV VeriSol provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for real-time motor vehicle insurance verification. MV VeriSol’s Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification software (MVIV™) performs both event-based verification (traffic stops, registrations, accidents, courts) and ongoing verification to identify cancellations and gaps in coverage. MVIV performs online verification directly with insurance companies based on IICMVA specifications and industry standards with enhancements and integration as required by each jurisdiction. MVIV can reduce the uninsured motorist rate by up to 80% while providing a positive cash flow for the jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has the flexibility to implement differently based on legislation, business rules, preferences, and budget.

    NebuLogic Technologies, LLC

    Thursday Afternoon Refreshment Break  
    Nivas Nallanthi | nivas.nallanthi@nebulogic.com
    P: 214-929-7633 | www.NebuLogic.com
    Established in 1995, NebuLogic Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and an Oracle Platinum Systems Implementation partner.  NebuLogic specializes in delivering comprehensive Service, Sales, Marketing, Process and Policy automation CRM and CX solutions to both public and commercial customers worldwide. NebuLogic is experienced in delivering enterprise class, hosted and SaaS based solutions in various business verticals such as Motor Vehicles, Transportation, HIX, Tax and Revenue, 311, etc. NebuLogic has developed numerous value add components for efficient and economical solutions. For guaranteed deployment of modernization solutions, please contact us at contact@nebulogic.com.


    NEMO-Q        Booth 204

    David Myers  |  dmyers@nemo-q.com  
    P: 972-347-1766 |  www.nemo-q.com
    NEMO-Q is the industry leader in walk-in and appointment traffic for DMV facilities.  We serve our clients by equipping them with the necessary hardware and software tools to handle their customer traffic and give them the ability to accurately measure their throughput.  By employing the latest and most innovative customer flow technologies, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions at affordable prices.  Our focus is to precisely understand our customer’s requirements then develop cost-effective solutions that satisfy our client’s goals and objectives. Through our extensive design and implementation processes, we are successful time and again in simplifying the way they handle their customer traffic.

    Oberthur Technologies                  Booth 210

    Rick Patrick |  r.patrick@oberthur.com
    P: 703.322.8954 |   www.oberthur.com
    Oberthur Technologies is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space.  OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart card to the latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of smartphones. Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transportation & Access Control Fields. OT employs over 6,000 employees worldwide, including 600 R&D people.  With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 10 facilities, 4 in North America, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries.


    OpSec Security, Inc.                 Booth 218

    Greg Kinnear |  gkinnear@opsecsecurity.com  
    Alex Lewis | alewis@opsecsecurity.com
    P: (Greg) 303-940-7212, or 717-293-4110, (Alex) 803-230-5114 or 717-293-4110 | www.opsecsecurity.com
    OpSec is a recognized leader in providing security solutions.  Our security products protect major vehicle, personal identity and revenue collection programs throughout the world.  Utilizing the latest overt, covert and forensic security technologies we protect against counterfeiting and forgery, often combining these technologies with Information Management to create complete solutions. Our leadership in vehicle and people ID products is well proven.  Our latest offering is SecureETag; the intelligent temporary tag. This product offers both fraud prevention methods as well as real time information for Law Enforcement and full accountability.  In addition our products are designed to offer an affordable visual security layer using sophisticated windshield and plate authentication devices.  For more information about OpSec’s security solutions, contact info@opsecsecurity.com.

    PDP Group, Inc. 

    Daily Drive Sponsor 
    John Yarbrough |  JCYarbrough@pdpgroupinc.com
    P: 443-799-7783 |  www.pdggroupinc.com
    PDP Group offers tailored automotive risk solutions for dealers and lenders. PDP Group’s services include retail and lease insurance tracking, comprehensive nationwide paper title administration, and electronic lien and title (ELT) processing. PDP Group’s Simply ELT® program is a web based electronic title solution enabling financial institutions of all sizes to participate in state programs. In addition, PDP Group is nationally known for providing insurance products for service rental programs, floor plan inventory, and dealer property and casualty coverage. These programs allow clients to retain and strengthen relationships with their customers.


    Badge Holder Sponsor
    Audrey Tedford  |  audrey.tedford@ihs.com
    P: 248-728-7087 | www.ihs.com
    A premier provider of information and marketing solutions to automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealers, automotive aftermarket companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and market research firms. Polk collects and interprets global data and provides extensive automotive expertise to help customers understand their market position, identify trends, build brand loyalty, conquest new business and gain a competitive advantage. A wholly owned subsidiary of IHS, Inc., Polk is based in Southfield, Michigan. 

    Qmatic Corporation                           Booth 108

    John Wordingham | john.wordingham@qmatic.com  
    P: 770-817-4311 | www.qmatic.com/us
    A technology company that provides world-class Customer Experience Management solutions, Qmatic helps state and local motor vehicle agencies dramatically improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Our patented Customer Flow Management (CFM) methodology manages, monitors and plans the customer visit from pre-arrival to post-service.  Ranging from small, single-branch systems to more complex, multi-branch networks, Qmatic’s solutions also capture customer data at each point of contact with a staff member or self-service touch point that result in real-time, actionable business intelligence that helps drive your operations. 

    TitleTec – A Solera Company

    Thursday Lunch Sponsor
    Bob Priselac   | bpriselac@titletec.com
    P: 941-650-8011 |  www.titletec.com
    TitleTec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SLH), provides an industry-leading suite of software products to the automobile dealership market. TitleTec’s software solutions save time and money for automobile dealerships and local governments by replacing the manual system used to register and title motor vehicles with an electronic real-time interface that connects the automobile dealers directly with State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The ease of use, proprietary technology and industry leading customer service has made TitleTec a trusted leader in Title and Registration software.

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