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  • The Annual International Conference (AIC) is AAMVA’s premier event for jurisdictions, industry, and federal partners to come together to share experiences and learn. In 2016, the AIC will be in Williamsburg, Virginia, a location that is ideal to bring the entire family. Join Chair of the Board Rick Holcomb and experience a unique networking and educational event. The AIC showcases the latest trends in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community and provides a forum for chief administrators to learn and grow from fellow colleagues. This year’s sessions will cover a wide variety of topics tailored to the AAMVA community and the Colonial Williamsburg backdrop will provide for some unique special events. Don’t miss this opportunity to see old faces, meet new friends, and learn from our community’s most innovative leaders.  


    Williamsburg Inn 
    136 East Francis Street | Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757.220.7978

    Williamsburg Lodge 
    310 South England Street | Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757.220.7976

    Providence Hall 
    136 East Francis Street | Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757.220.7978

    Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel & Suites*
    105 Visitor Center Drive | Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757.220.7960 
    *Family (with kids) favorite

    AIC Schedule

    Sunday, August 14 - AAMVA Board of Directors' Meeting (Williamsburg Inn)

    Monday, August 15 - AAMVA Board of Directors' Meeting and Industry Advisory Board Meeting (Williamsburg Inn)

    Tuesday, August 16 - Opening Session and conference sessions, Exhibit Hall*, Chairs’ Welcome Reception 

    Wednesday, August 17 - Conference sessions, Exhibit Hall*

    Thursday, August 18 - Traditional U-Haul Past Chairs' Breakfast, conference sessions, Reception & Commonwealth of Virginia Banquet 

    Registration Rates

    2016 AIC Registration Rates

    Want to be U-Haul Famous ® ?

    Do you have any photos featuring you with U-Haul equipment, apparel, and products, or at one of our locations? If so, we want them! 

    U-Haul wants to celebrate you by featuring your photo on a U-Haul moving truck. We'll take the photo you send and include it in a specially designed U-Haul SuperGraphic to be displayed on one of our moving trucks at the 2016 AAMVA Annual International Conference in Williamsburg! Take a look through some of your old photos for anything U-Haul related or snap a new one, like this one taken by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles! Email your photo to famous@uhaul.com. 

    Check out this video to learn how you will become U-Haul Famous®! 

    Be sure to attend the 2016 AAMVA Annual International Conference in Williamsburg to see your photo on a U-Haul moving truck.

    2016 Uhaul Group

    Watch the 2016 AIC Promo Video

    Join the Revolution

    with AAMVA Chair Rick Holcomb 

    May 5, 2016
    Greetings AAMVA Colleagues,
    Now that registration is open, why not start planning next summer's family vacation? With the 2016 AAMVA Annual International Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia in August, warm weather, history, theme parks, and shopping await you. And if you really like it warm...

    Video 2 - Blacksmith   
    As you make your travel plans, if you need suggestions on how to get the most out of your visit to Virginia's historic triangle, please contact me.
    Let's make history.  

    Holcomb Sig

    February 25, 2016
    Greetings AAMVA Colleagues,   

    Periodically, I'll be sending short messages and videos about Colonial Williamsburg, the site for our 2016 AAMVA Annual International Conference. We're planning an action-packed agenda. And you never know what other excitement you may find when you arrive.   

    Video 1 - Storming the Palace

    I hope you'll join us August 16-18, 2016. I look forward to seeing you at all of the 2016 AAMVA meetings. 
    Let's make history. 

    Holcomb Sig

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  • What to Pack

    The average August temperatures in Williamsburg, Virginia range from a low in the mid 70's to a high in the high 80's or low 90's.

    Conference Attire

    Not sure what to wear during the conference? Download the What to Wear guide.

    Discounted Colonial Williamsburg Length-of-Stay Tickets
    Upon arrival, you can purchase Colonial Williamsburg length-of-stay tickets for a discounted price of $20.00. This is a substantial savings offered to those staying at one of our Colonial Williamsburg hotels. Tickets are available from the ticket desk in the lobby of the Williamsburg Lodge.