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  • The Workshop & Law Institute is an ideal setting to expand your industry presence and create lasting impressions. Our staff will work to gain you maximum exposure of your company name and logo to attendees to build brand awareness and leave a real mark in the minds of conference participants. 


    Sponsoring provides an opportunity to brand and support your image as a market leader within the motor vehicle and law enforcement community and to develop onsite relationships with day-to-day managers in member jurisdictions. Recognition traditionally includes signage, Web exposure, print recognition, and complimentary registrations. Show the AAMVA community that you support them by sponsoring a Workshop event. Opportunities are limited, contact us today to reserve your sponsorship.

    For sponsorship information and contract and floor plan please visit the 2018 Workshop & Law Institute Marketing Opportunities page.

    Applus Technologies, Inc.
    Badge Holder Sponsor
    Dennis Palmer | 312-644-3005
    Applus Technologies, Inc. is a full-spectrum provider of vehicle inspection solutions, appointment systems and electronic driver examination systems worldwide. With certification testing the common denominator, Applus develops hardware and software solutions, provides robust networks and databases, and dashboard management and reporting suites for efficient program administration. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering quality solutions on-time, as promised, to motor vehicle and environmental agencies at all levels - local, state and national. Our comprehensive solutions and services help jurisdictions achieve their program goals of increased customer satisfaction, better air quality and safer roads for the citizens they serve.


    Dealertrack, Inc.
    Hotel Key Card Sponsor
    Beverly DeVine | 916-350-0744
    Dealertrack, a Cox Automotive company, is dedicated to helping jurisdictions increase the efficiency of their title and registration processes by providing software solutions that seamlessly integrate jurisdiction and industry workflows.  Our innovative, web-based software solutions result in reduced jurisdictional costs, improved customer satisfaction, and increased staff productivity – at no cost to the jurisdiction.  The Collateral Management Services team pioneered Electronic Lien and Title, which Dealertrack offers in 23 jurisdictions.  The Registration and Titling Solutions team provides electronic registration and titling services in 15 states.  Dealertrack also delivers specialty state solutions including Electronic Temporary Tags and ELT Gateway.


    Decision Dynamics, Inc.
    Attendee Bag Insert Sponsor
    Ann Gunning | 803-808-0117
    Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) is a software technology company specializing in electronic lien and title (ELT) and electronic vehicle registration (EVR) products, including hub solutions for jurisdictions for administering ELT and EVR programs.  DDI’s services include a Title and Registration Center (TRC) for processing of registrations and transfers in all jurisdictions, as well as paper title management.  DDI’s Premier solution suite features easy-to-use workflow management, tracking and auditing reports, user customization, VIN inquiries, and loan or DMS integration.  DDI’s success is driven by its relentless focus on delivering comprehensive solutions designed to meet customer needs and providing premier customer services.


    DMV Innovations
    Attendee Bag Insert Sponsor
    Lisa Kaspar | 913-428-2522
    DMV Innovations was created with an intent to help move the community forward. We use lessons learned to drastically reduce the risk, complexity and cost associated with DMV modernization programs. Using innovative technology and industry experience, we provide solutions to address the challenges of the motor vehicle industry. We place a strong emphasis on customer success and organizational change management. Our team has a strong track record of success partnering with similar organizations to simplify an approach to these initiatives.


    Customer Service Session Literature Sponsor
    Andrew Marr | 617-385- 6698
    Experian enables organizations to unlock the power of data. We focus on the quality of our clients’ information so they can explore the meaningful ways they can use it. Whether optimizing data for better customer experiences or preparing data for improved business intelligence, we empower our clients to manage their data with confidence. We have the data, expertise, and proven technology to help our customers quickly turn information ­­­into insight. We’re investing in new, innovative solutions to power opportunities for our people, clients, and communities. To learn more, visit www.edq.com.


    Fast Enterprises, LLC
    Journal and Conference Mobile App Sponsor
    James G. Harrison | 877-275-3278  
    Fast Enterprises is the premier provider of solutions for DMV system modernization. Our commercial-off-the-shelf FastDS-VS software, used for the administration of vehicle titling and registration and driver licensing and control programs, is in production for 10 state agencies and is being implemented for 4 more. As prepackaged software, FastDS-VS is configured, not programmed, to meet the specific business and technical objectives of our client agencies and their jurisdictions. FastDS-VS is browser-based and platform-independent software that is compatible with service-oriented architecture and runs on industry-standard hardware, database management systems, and operating systems. Our unblemished track record of on-time and on-budget DMV-modernization projects is unmatched in the industry. Ask our customers how FAST can help your modernization efforts succeed!


    Attendee Bag Insert Sponsor
    Steve Purdy | 215-367-4361
    Gemalto is the fastest growing provider of DL/ID solutions in North America, with global and regional experience in over 180 countries. Our deep expertise and the legacy of Marquis ID Systems has uniquely positioned us to develop the best solutions and deliver the most secure, advanced, and field-proven products. With increasing presence within the AAMVA community, we ensure that we provide the solutions that you need today, while creating a pathway for future innovations, such as digital driver’s licenses, advanced capture and biometric matching systems, and multi-program smart cards. 

    Private-Label Water Sponsor
    Christina Sauser | 202-688-4845
    IDEMIA is the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world. We deliver solutions for secure ID issuance, border management, law enforcement, retail, travel, and applicant vetting using biometrics, document authentication and data verification. Our electronic identification (eID) and mobile driver’s license (mDL) solutions empower organizations to verify that individuals are who they claim to be, and to provide the secure credentials that Americans rely on to exercise their rights, gain access to benefits and services, ensure trusted transactions and reduce fraud.

    Industry Advisory Board  
    Travel Grant Sponsor 
    Katie James | 979-393-9182   
    The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) supports its mission by serving as trusted advisors to AAMVA and its members.  As a long-standing organization with diverse industry member representation, the IAB works with AAMVA to: Add value to the Association; Enhance communication and understanding between the private sector and AAMVA members; Promote the adoption of industry best practices that align with AAMVA's mission and Assist AAMVA in advancing programs and policies that jointly benefit industry and AAMVA members. Through its sponsorship and scholarship efforts, the IAB helps AAMVA, its Regions and its members meet to bring about positive and impactful change.

    Intellectual Technology Inc. (ITI)
    Attendee Bag Insert Sponsor
    Randy Gray | 615-414-8845  
    Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) has over 25 years specializing in solutions for motor vehicle agencies, which increase revenue, improve customer service, and decrease fraud.  Solutions are highly configurable and able to handle many different host systems and types of services. ITI solutions include Self-Service Kiosks, License Plates, Mail Fulfillment, Print on Demand, and Knowledge based driver testing (STS).  Best of all, solutions are turnkey and the financial model is transactional based allowing customers to install solutions with no up-front costs. ITI solutions are currently installed in 35 North American jurisdictions.  .   

    PDP Group, Inc.  
    Pocket Guide Sponsor 
    John Yarbrough | 443-799-7783
    PDP Group offers tailored automotive risk solutions for dealers and lenders. PDP Group’s services include retail and lease insurance tracking, comprehensive nationwide paper title administration, and electronic lien and title (ELT) processing. PDP Group’s Simply ELT® program is a web based electronic title solution enabling financial institutions of all sizes to participate in state programs. In addition, PDP Group is nationally known for providing insurance products for service rental programs, floor plan inventory, and dealer property and casualty coverage. These programs allow clients to retain and strengthen relationships with their customers. 

    Veridos Identity Solutions
    Attendee Bag Sponsor
    Kathleen Synstegaard  | 612-618-5124
    Veridos is a trusted provider of advanced, turnkey driver license solutions for over 50% of Canada’s citizens including Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Globally, Veridos has implemented more than 150 government projects in the past 25 years. Our heritage includes creating and pioneering secure identification and identity solutions, with 100% focus on government identification programs.

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