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  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Workshop and Law Institute was a virtual conference event. From this page, AAMVA members can access the archived webinar file from each session, as well as any accompanying presentations that were provided. 

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    Tuesday, March 16, 2021

    Opening Session

    Join Chair of the Board Mike Dixon and AAMVA President and CEO Anne Ferro for the kick-off of the 2021 Virtual Workshop & Law Institute. Learn about what the three Standing Committees – Driver, Law Enforcement, and Vehicle -- have been working on and their plans for the upcoming year.
    Download: Presentation Session Recording

    Concurrent Sessions (1:45-2:45)

    • Investigating and Prosecuting Cannabis Impaired Driving Cases
      An overview of the National Traffic Law Center’s (NTLC) Investigating and Prosecuting Cannabis-Impaired Driving Cases monograph will be provided. Attendees will also learn about other NTLC cannabis resources that have been developed by law enforcement subject matter experts and traffic safety resource prosecutors. A “teaser” on how to administer a cannabis “green lab” will also be provided.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
    • Contactless Automated Delivery Vehicles and Devices
      The convenience economy is drastically altering the way business is conducted across virtually all sectors of our society. Today consumers are demanding the immediate and efficient delivery of products and services to their front doors. As a result of these trends, interest and investment in the development of automated delivery vehicles and devices is rapidly increasing. During this session we will explore the development and uses of this new technology as well as the challenges for government oversight.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording 
        - Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with ADS Guidelines
        - Distracted Driving Education Legislation and Enforcement Whitepaper
    • Videorecording and Driver License Examinations
      Join us for a lively discussion on the use of video recording devices to record driver license skills tests, remote viewing and scoring of the test, and the legal and employee/union concerns with video recording.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording

    Concurrent Sessions (3:15-4:15)

    • Tools and Resources to Combat Vehicle and Identity Crimes in the 21st Century
      Vehicles can be used to commit crimes, generate income for other criminal activity, and facilitate identity fraud. Hear experts discuss how technology has impacted vehicle and identity fraud and learn about the tools and techniques being used to detect and investigate these crimes.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
    • Data Privacy and External Access Best Practices Update
      Join us to learn about AAMVA’s newly-published Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice for MVAs and key aspects of a data privacy program. Gain insights about the interdisciplinary needs organizations must fulfill to support enterprise privacy risk management.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
      Handouts: Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice

    • Military Exchange for CDL
      Learn how the military even exchange program works for transitioning troops and the various military waiver processes and options that are available to those who are serving our country. From Troops-to-Trucks programs, out-of-state CDL knowledge and skills testing, and on-base service centers, hear how agencies are easing the way into the civilian world for veterans who are leaving military service.
      Download: Presentation  |  Wession Recording
      Handouts: FMCSA Military Driver Programs

    Concurrent Sessions (4:45-5:30)

    Wednesday, March 17, 2021

    Concurrent Sessions (12:30-1:30)

    • Emergency Resiliency and Response Working Group Update 
      This panel of working group members will describe the purpose of their group and engage with attendees to identify pandemic and other disaster lessons learned. The discussion will inform the best practices the working group will develop. This is an opportunity for the AAMVA community to have early and important input into this critical emergency management resource.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
    • NMVTIS Performance Management Concept and Modernization
      With NMVTIS at 98% of state vehicle data represented in the system there is now an even greater need for enhanced communication, information sharing, and tools to enable states to be more efficient and effective in title transaction processing. Please come and join this session to get the scoop on plans and activities for the NMVTIS Performance Management Concept and the modernization of the system.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording

    • The Driver License Compact and State-to-State Verification Service 
      Join us to learn about potential new and innovative approaches to leverage AAMVA’s State-to-State Verification Service as a way to improve the administration and operation of the Driver License Compact.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording

    Concurrent Sessions (2:30-3:30)

    • The Digital Future of the DMV Business
      Even prior to the pandemic DMVs were moving toward alternative technical solutions for their business. In the wake of world events and reduced budgets that movement is becoming a long-term objective. This session will explore what is needed to make permanent digital transactions, identity vetting, and service delivery a reality and how to maintain customer confidence and use in the process. Learn more about what jurisdictions are doing to tackle these issues and how they are leveraging the current environment to do so quickly.
      Download: No presentation slides available.  |  Session Recording
    • Fraud Case Studies and Roundtable Discussion
      Motor vehicle agency products and services are of significant value to the public and are also sought after by those wishing to commit crimes. This session will provide an opportunity to learn about recent fraud cases, highlight available fraud prevention and investigative resources, and allow time to discuss fraud trends in your jurisdiction.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
    • Legal and Legislative Town Hall 
      Come learn from your peers about common legal and legislative issues facing the motor vehicle community. This interactive session will provide attendees with the opportunity to share and learn about unique and emerging trends that may cross jurisdictional lines.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording

    Thursday, March 18

    Concurrent Sessions (1:00-2:00)

    • Working Toward an E-Titling Solution
      Come hear an overview of what the E-Titling Working Group has included in the draft of the E-Titling Solution Framework and how you can provide feedback and input on the current iteration of the document. The end goal for the Working Group is to develop a guidance document to clearly define an e-titling solution and establish standards to support a national interoperable solution that will be of great value to both jurisdictions and all stakeholders, including industry and individual citizens.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
      Handouts: E-Title Working Group Framework V1.3 Draft Used at Workshop
    • mDL: Trust and Acceptance
      Trust is at the heart of all relationships and a vital component in fostering acceptance. Electronic transactions are no exception. Join us to learn about the critical need to establish a Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Digital Trust Service and how it fits into the larger mDL solution. We will also be discussing the importance of timely collaboration with the law enforcement community to ensure comfort and acceptance of mDLs.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
    • Safety Countermeasures for Determining a Person’s Fitness to Drive
      Come learn about the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED’s) guidance for state driver license agencies regarding the role of the driver rehabilitation specialist in supporting a medically-at-risk person’s fitness to drive. Also learn about the various resources available and projects that NHTSA is developing to help older drivers.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
      Handouts: ADED The Role Of Driver Rehabilitation In Determining Fitness To Drive


    Concurrent Sessions (2:30-3:30)

    • Trends Impacting the DMV of the Future
      AAMVA engaged the Transportation Research Board to investigate demographic and technology trends impacting the DMV community. The resulting report addresses major societal and technological trends and how they might affect traditional DMV services in the next five- to- ten years. Cambridge Systematics, Inc. conducted this research and will provide an overview of the research findings. Join us for an interesting discussion about the DMV of the future.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording
      Handouts: Trends Impacting the DMV - TRB Final Report

    • Collecting and Using Traffic Stop Data
      Hear from the California Highway Patrol and the Washington State Patrol on their experiences with collecting traffic stop data including managing contextual challenges around data analysis.
      Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording

    They Who Laugh, Last

    How does one achieve communication and leadership effectively in the shifting landscape of the pandemic workplace? Humor is the key. Now, more than ever, it is important to be in touch with our humor as we face the psychological challenges of an uncertain world. Having good humor means having a positive attitude toward even the most challenging situations. Your example of handling the challenges of the quarantine can set the environment for all, whether the connection is virtual or socially distanced. Success is possible with good humor and effective communication strategies. Join us and discover your own delightfulness!
    Download: Presentation  |  Session Recording