• 2021 Annual International Conference Downloads

  • The following presentations are from AAMVA's 2021 Annual International Conference that was held virtually August 31-September 2, 2021.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2021

    • Keeping Up with the Compacts and Driver History
      Discussion on the compacts, sending and receiving violations, and the State-to-State Verification Service Driver History Record enhancements. Also learn about the updated Reducing Suspended Drivers Best Practice and how jurisdictions are changing laws to handle individuals who cannot pay fines.
          Facilitator: Jessica Ross, AAMVA  
          Presenters: Christine Nizer, Maryland;  Kristina Boardman, Wisconsin 
    • Preventing Wrong-Way Crashes
      The increase of wrong-way crashes is a growing highway safety challenge. Learn about new solutions and how law enforcement agencies are partnering with transportation departments to eliminate these crashes.
          Facilitator: Lt. Col. Marla Gaskill, Ohio 
          Presenters: Brent Cain and Captain J.P. Cartier, Arizona 
    • Planning for the Next Pandemic
      Now is the time to revisit and update agency continuity of operations plans (COOP) to benefit from the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take the opportunity to revisit strategic crisis management plans, embrace cross-training, and consider succession planning. Learn about AAMVA’s new Emergency Resilience and Response Working Group and hear how emergency operations centers have increased DMV engagement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
          Facilitator: Kristen K. Shea, AAMVA 
          Presenters: Amy Williams, Illinois; Kevin Garvey, Indiana; Susan Guyer, Indiana
    • CDL Updates
      Get an update from FMCSA on rule compliance deadlines and the new administration’s priorities. Discover how DMV administrators use AAMVA’s CDLIS reports to strategically manage their CDL programs.
          Facilitator: Kevin Lewis, AAMVA
          Presenters: Nikki McDavid, FMCSA; Reginald Paradowski, Wisconsin; Christine Nizer, Maryland
    • The Pandemic’s Impact on Highway Safety
      peed, crashes, and fatalities have all been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. This session will help you understand the troubling trends from the past 18 months and how to tackle the challenges.
          Facilitator: Brian Ursino, AAMVA
          Presenters: Col. Ken Morckel (ret.), The Digital Decision; Chief Tim Roufa, Florida; Capt. Mathew Beaudin & Trooper Amy Herman,

    Wednesday, September 1, 2021

    • The Future of Workforce Management Beyond the Pandemic
      The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted staff into remote work or in a different environment than what employees were accustomed to. Many agencies are continuing to allow remote work. How does this impact long-term management, changes in service delivery, employee skills and expectations, customer behavior, and hiring and recruitment for the future? Join us to learn how some jurisdictions are balancing the challenges but also capturing the opportunities.
          Facilitator: Julie Knittle, AAMVA
          Presenters: Mike Dixon, Colorado; Stephanie Taylor, Indiana; Deann Williams, Kansas
    • Marijuana Impaired Driving
      Learn about the latest developments as more jurisdictions continue to decriminalize bot h medical and recreational marijuana. New tools such as green labs, phlebotomy programs, and other law enforcement considerations bring new insights to this highway safety topic.
          Facilitator: Brian Ursino, AAMVA
          Presenters: Darrin Grondel, Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility; Sergeant Jeremiah Sharp, Colorado
    • Do You Know mDL?
      Test your knowledge and learn more about how law enforcement will interact with the mDL, new training tools being built to prepare the community for mDLs and how issuing agencies can test their mDLs.
          Facilitator: Mindy Stephens, AAMVA
          Presenters: Gail Hodges, Future Identity Council; Negash Assefa, Maryland
    • Pandemic Inspired Customer Service Changes – What is Permanent
      The response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in rapid transformation and changes to how DMVs served their customers. Hear views on which changes will be permanent and what pre-pandemic elements will return - appointments vs walk in, virtual lobby/office, electronic signatures, online services, and more.
          Facilitator: Julie Knittle, AAMVA
          Presenters: Eric Jorgensen, Arizona; Kathleen Webb, California
    • E-Titling
      Get an update on the E-Titling Working Group and engage in a discussion on the vision and potential benefits of an e-titling solution.

    Thursday, September 2, 2021

    • Building an Interoperable mDL
      Learn the latest in the development of the ISO mDL standard, the AAMVA implementation guidelines, and plans for the new AAMVA Digital Trust Service.
          Facilitator: Mike McCaskill, AAMVA
          Presenters: Loffie Jordan, AAMVA; Ray Kimble, Kuma; Jason Lim, TSA
    • Detecting Fraud with Data Analytics
      Hear how building data analytics into work processes can improve earlier identification of fraudulent activities and strengthen the security of data. 
          Facilitator: Paul Steier, AAMVA
          Presenters: Christina Michel, California; Doane Rohr, Florida
    • Autonomous Vehicles
      This session will include an overview of Edition 2 of AAMVA’s Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with ADS Guidelines along with the recent AAMVA whitepapers on distracted driving and delivery devices. Attendees can participate in a brainstorming session on what members need in the next guidance document.
          Facilitator: Bernard Soriano, California
          Presenters: James Fackler, Michigan; Brian Ursino, AAMVA; Daniel Yeh, Iowa
    • Returning to the Office
      Agencies are navigating bringing employees back in person to the workplace. Share lessons learned on managing expectations for masks and social distancing as well as whether to require vaccination.
          Facilitator: Kristen K. Shea, AAMVA
          Presenters: Julie Butler, Nevada; Kara Shea, Labor & Employment Practice Group
    • How the Pandemic has Impacted Driver Testing
      In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many jurisdictions altered how they performed licensing knowledge and skills testing by using in-person appointments, PPE, third parties, or ensuring social distancing by remaining outside of the vehicle when conducting road tests. Come listen to jurisdictions and NHTSA as they discuss their experiences and how they see driver testing moving forward.
          Facilitator: Denise Hanchulak, AAMVA
          Presenters: Cynthia Delp, Iowa; Jacqueline A. Milani, NHTSA; Jeff Oberdank, New Hampshire