• Business Partner Electronic Vehicle Registration (BPEVR)

  • Business Partner Electronic Vehicle Registration (BPEVR) allows jurisdictions' business partners to apply for registrations and titles electronically. A business partner is any entity that does business with a jurisdiction. For the BPEVR application, dealerships, fleet operators, and any other entity that submits applications for registration or title to the jurisdiction may be partners.

    Using BPEVR, an authorized business partner sends the registration application to the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction then sends back the fee information and permission for the business partner to print the registration card and put the registration plates and stickers on the vehicle.

    This allows the business partner to register the vehicle and put it on the road with valid registration information within the same day--no more temporary plates! At the end of the business day, the jurisdiction sends the business partner a summary of transactions and a notification of fees due. The business partner then arranges to transfer funds overnight for the day's business. (Electronic funds transfer is not part of the BPEVR application).


    • Improved customer service and decreased lines in the motor vehicle branches
    • Cost savings
    • Enhanced data integrity
    • Reduction in the turnaround time for processing applications for registration and titles

    Available Information to be Exchanged

    BPEVR includes transactions that allow the business partner to send the following electronic messages to the jurisdiction:

    • Fee Inquiry
    • Application for Registration and Title
    • Add Owner
    • Change Owner Address
    • Inventory Ordering
    • Vehicle Inquiry

    The jurisdiction can send the following electronic messages to the business partner:

    • Electronic Billing
    • Administrative Messages 

    Business partners may choose to contract with a service provider for some or all of the BPEVR functions.

    For more information, please contact AAMVA Support.

    For other BPEVR documentation not listed here, contact AAMVA Support.

    BPEVR Participation Map
    The AAMVA rate schedules contain fees for the most common types of services and products used by AAMVA customers.

    All rates are effective through September 30th and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

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