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  • Through AAMVA's Committees and Working Groups, AAMVA works with member jurisdictions to develop Best Practice documents and model legislation. These documents are designed for Chief Driver License Administrators and Law Enforcement personnel and staff.

    A "Best Practices Document" establishes the ideal approach for establishing and maintaining programs. The guidelines provided in this document are recommended and provide a jurisdiction with details on optimal model programs. A "Best Practice" is not mandated nor monitored for compliance. 

  • Released April 2019

    Mobile Driver License (mDL) Implementation Guidelines

    mDL Implementation Guidelines - cover   
    The Joint Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Working Group has been active in the area of mobile identification since 2012. The Working Group produced a mDL Functional Needs white paper that served as important input to the WG10 ISO working group. WG10 is in the process of producing a mDL standard (ISO/IEC 18013-5).

    Starting with ISO/IEC CD 18013-5 as a basis, this document provides guidance on pursuing a mobile driver’s license (mDL) solution. Specifically, this document provides comments and qualifications applicable to AAMVA members. AAMVA recommends that, in addition to this document and ISO/IEC CD 18013-5, jurisdictions consult two other documents produced by the mDL Working Group:

    It should be noted that mDL and related technologies are ever evolving. As a result, this document will continue to be updated to synchronize its content with the latest standards and practices.


    Mobile Driver License (mDL) Implementation Guidelines - April 2019 

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