• Best Practices & Model Legislation

  • Through AAMVA's Committees and Working Groups, AAMVA works with member jurisdictions to develop Best Practice documents and model legislation. These documents are designed for Chief Driver License Administrators and Law Enforcement personnel and staff.

    A "Best Practices Document" establishes the ideal approach for establishing and maintaining programs. The guidelines provided in this document are recommended and provide a jurisdiction with details on optimal model programs. A "Best Practice" is not mandated nor monitored for compliance. 

  • March 2021

    Imported Vehicles: Guidance for Jurisdictional Policy

    Imported Vehicles (cover)   
    This Guidance Document will assist jurisdictions by providing information and recommendations for consideration when establishing policy to determine eligibility for vehicles to be titled and/or registered for on-road use. It is important to note this Guidance Document does not cover every exception to the rules. The goal for the Working Group was to provide information and guidance on the transactions that make up the majority of the vehicles imported into the U.S.

    Download the Guidance Document

    February 2021

    Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice   

    AAMVA's "Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice" provides a framework for protecting MVA data against the risk of abuse or improper use and preventing the loss of public trust if that data are improperly accessed or used. Common principles, as laid forth by this document, can be adopted by MVAs and data recipients to develop a common understanding of protecting data, identifying the steps used to protect the data and incorporating the legal foundation for the data’s protection. 

    Managing Data Privacy and External Access Best Practice

    Third Party Agent Administration Best Practice

    Fraud detection and deterrence measures provide appropriate internal controls to mitigate the risks of internal and external fraud. The Third Party Agent Administration Best Practices include recommendations for the use of data analytical tools and trained personnel to identify anomalies, bring attention to questionable transactions, and discover potential fraud trends for both internal users and external agents. These tools are very useful in identifying and preventing fraud. The jurisdictional best practices and shared experiences described in this document will assist jurisdictions seeking to implement or expand agent services. The best practices will also be helpful when looking to upgrade existing policy documents and procedures with a goal of improving oversight. Additionally, best practices recommendations regarding contract or MOU provisions will bring increased standardization for vendors and agents operating in multiple jurisdictions.

    Third Party Agent Administration Best Practices  

    January 2021

    Distracted Driving Education Legislation and Enforcement Whitepaper

    Distracted Driving Education Legislation and Enforcement Whitepaper_cover
    The purpose of this white paper is to provide guidance to jurisdictions on strengthening distracted driving education, legislation, and enforcement to better address existing and emerging technologies including ADAS- and ADS- equipped vehicles. 

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    Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with Automated Driving Systems Guidelines, Edition 2 (September 2020)

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