• CSTIMS Working Group

  • The CSTIMS Working Group is a group of volunteer state driver licensing authorities, using CSTIMS, formed to provide guidance and recommendations on improvements, enhancements, and changes related to the CSTIMS application and its use. The CSTIMS Working Group will address known service limitations, prioritize enhancement needs, and identify opportunities for improving the application and associated operational procedures and best practices.


    Wayne Georgeson (2021)       
    BDS CDL Coordinator 
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Vice Chair


    Tandy Alexander (2022)
    Asst Administrator, Licensing- Endorsements
    Washington State Department of Licensing
    Kyle Binkley (2022)
    Senior Analyst
    Michigan Department of State Highways & Transportation
    David Birchman (2023)
    Manager, CDL Policy
    California Department of Motor Vehicles 

    Tod Browning (2021)
    CDL Coordinator
    Florida Division of Motor Vehicles                

    Lori Carlsson (2023)
    Regional Manager
    Texas Department of Public Safety 
    Ken Stewart (2023)
    CDL Policy Analyst
    Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
    Kyle Binkley (2022)
    Senior Analyst
    Michigan Department of State Highways & Transportation
    Julie Darbrow (2023)
    CDL Third Party Manager
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation                                   
    Tina Eickhoff (2021)
    CDL Compliance Auditor
    South Dakota Department of Public Safety 
    Jim Harvey (2022)
    CDL Auditor
    Tennessee Dept. of Safety & Homeland Security 
    Ben Hochberg (2021)
    CDL Compliance Auditor
    Colorado Department of Revenue 
    Numan Sikandar (2022)
    Audit Program Analyst
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    Ken Stewart (2023)
    CDL Policy Analyst 
    Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
    Federal Government Representative 
    Carlos Dequina
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    AAMVA Staff  
    Vikas Jain - AAMVA Staff Project Manager 
    Philip Hadwin, Sr. Business Analyst
    Naresh Rao, Sr. Business Analyst
    Nalisha Shrestha, Sr. Business Analyst

    The CSTIMS Working Group is comprised of jurisdictional representatives. These representatives are the delegates for up to four jurisdictions. Each representative is tasked with communicating information discussed by the CSTIMS Working Group.


    CSTIMS Change Request Form

    Goals of Change Management within CSTIMS

    • Provide a consistent and well-defined mechanism for stakeholders to request enhancements to the CSTIMS application
    • Provide a streamlined process that results in better tracking of and more timely responsiveness to enhancement requests
    • Provide all stakeholders with notification of application enhancements

    CSTIMS Working Group Responsibilities

    • Review proposed enhancement requests
    • Help determine appropriate solutions to problems/issues that are raised
    • Prioritizing and approving enhancements
    • Solicit input from and communicate potential enhancements to the membership at large

    Initiating a Change Request

    If you have identified a need for a change to CSTIMS, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the request form providing as much information as possible.
    2. Vet the business need and your change request internally within your organization to ensure that the need for your change request is supported by your organization from both a business and technical perspective.
    3. Submit your request via email to CSTIMS_Support@aamva.org.

    What Happens After You Submit a Change Request?

    1. Your proposal will be evaluated by the CSTIMS Working Group to determine the priority.
    2. When your proposal is brought under consideration, you may be asked to participate in a conference call to present/discuss your proposal with the group. Participation from both a business and technical perspective by your organization may be recommended for this discussion.
    3. If your change request is approved, then it will be scheduled for implementation