• Card Design Standards Subcommittee

  • To update and create realistic and durable standards employed by AAMVA jurisdictions, to enhance the interoperability of DMV and traffic data records, and to provide a voice for the AAMVA community in standards efforts with other organizations. This aims to improve customer service and safety while emphasizing privacy protection measures. 


    Guiding Principles

    Members of the Subcommittee need to:

    1. Represent the interests of the subcommittee to the best of their ability and draw upon their expertise whenever possible.
    2. Represent not only the interests of their jurisdiction, but the other jurisdictions in their region and base decisions on the good of all AAMVA jurisdictions.
    3. Be cognizant of the impact standards may have upon the industry that serves them.
    4. Be cognizant of public perception and the privacy concerns of their constituents as progress is made toward interoperability of motor vehicle authority documents and other applications progress.


    1. Subcommittee members must communicate with their peers to determine the standards needs for the AAMVA community
      • What DMV-issued documentation do you ask from non-residents and transfer applicants?
      • What DMV-issued documents would help you do your jobs better?
      • Regroup and prioritize results of findings
    2. Monitor process to maintain AAMVA National Standards
      • Technical corrections, clarifications, interpretations
      • Substantive updates
    3. Monitor process to provide motor vehicle community input to relevant ANSI / ISO standards proposals
    4. Provide input for the oversight and maintenance of AAMVA’s conformity assessment (C.A.) efforts
      • Assist staff in drafting requests for interest (RFI) targeting industry partners
      • Assist staff in the review of responses to RFI and investigation of the abilities of interested companies in serving as a C.A. laboratory
      • Provide technical validation of any trends analysis conducted by AAMVA staff based upon analysis reports
    5. Monitor communications effort to promote standardization and adherence to established standards
      • AAMVA community
      • Other stakeholders as they are identified





    Michael McCaskill (2021)
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Florida Highway Patrol  


    Laura Barkley-McKeeman (2022)
    Training & Development Officer
    Ontario Ministry of Transportation
    Chris Hollister (2021)
    Senior Investigator
    New York State Department of Motor Vehicles                                                              

    Linda Boline (2021)
    Senior Manager, Driver License Division
    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Stephen Leak (2023)
    Executive Director, Credential Programs 
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle 

    Rick Cesta (2022)
    Chief of Driver Services
    Delaware Division and Motor Veihcles

    Dana B. Morales (2023)
    Program Manager
    Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

    Captain Todd J. Hartline (2022)
    Nevada Highway Patrol Division
    Ricky Rich (2023)
    Deputy Commissioner
    Georgia Department of Driver Services


    AAMVA Staff 

    Project Manager

    Mindy Stephens
    Manager, Identity Management                                                                


    Loffie Jordaan
    Business Solutions Architect

    For more information about the Card Design Standard Committee, please contact Mindy Stephens, or Loffie Jordaan.

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