• Chair's Award of Excellence

  • Dennis Kamimura

    2013 Chair's Award - Dennis KamimuraThis year's recipient of the Chair's Award of Excellence is Dennis Kamimura.

    Born and raised in Hawaii, Mr. Kamimura has been involved with motor vehicle administration since 1979. It wasn't until the early 1990's that Mr. Kamimura started attending AAMVA conferences and workshops in order to learn what other states were doing regarding their motor vehicle programs so he could bring the lessons learned back to Hawaii for implementation without repeating mistakes made by other jurisdictions.

    Beginning in 1996 he gave back to Region IV by volunteering his time to Region IV by accepting the Vice Chair then Chair of the Region IV Registration, Title, Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers (RTVDM) Committee, and subsequently going through the Board positions. He served on the Region IV board from 1996 to 2002 and served as Region IV President for 2000-2001. More recently Mr. Kamimura served as Treasurer of the International Board of Directores from 2008-2009 and as a member of the International Finance and Audit Committee from 2012-2013. And, in mid-July 2013 AAMVA received the announcement of Mr. Kamimura's retirement as of November 1, 2013. His years of experience and wealth of knowledge has been a mainstay in the MVA community and AAMVA jurisdictions will continue to benefit from his wisdom for years to come.