• Chair's Award of Excellence and Achievement

  • The Chair’s Award of Excellence and Achievement is a special honor given at the discretion of the AAMVA Chair of the Board to an individual or organization whose contributions and service have left a lasting impression on the AAMVA community. The award is presented each year at AAMVA’s Annual International Conference.

    2018 Recipient

    Chrissy Nizer was awarded the 2018 Chair’s Award of Excellence in recognition for her leadership in the development and deployment of the State-to-State Service.  Ms. Nizer has served on many AAMVA working groups and committees, including as Chair of the Driver Standing Committee. She is the Region 1 President and Board Advisor to the Law Enforcement Standing Committee.   The State-to-State Service will enable a decades long vision of a one-driver, one-license system in the United States.  From the time it was a fledgling idea, through the early days of DIVS, to the governance structure that now exists for State-to-State, Ms. Nizer has been a forward-thinking leader whose relentless pursuit of this goal has led us to where we stand now: states lined up to join and as a community, on the precipice of achieving this decades-old goal.  Her passion and her commitment to making this a success is second only to her dedication to highway safety and serving the citizens of Maryland.

    2018 Chairs Award of Excellence - Nizer

    Past Recipients

    2017    Cathie Curtis, Director, Vehicle Programs, AAMVA
    2016    Betty Serian, TML Information Services, Inc.
    2015    Brad Simpson, Utah
    2014    Pat & Velva Crahan, U-Haul International
    2013    Dennis A. Kamimura, Hawaii
    2012    Jerry Dike, Texas (retired)
    2011    Debra Hillmer, South Dakota
    2010    Berta Phelps, Manheim Auctions
    2009    Judy Brown, Texas
    2008    Julie Allen, Missouri
    2007    Michael R. Calvin, Interim President & CEO, AAMVA  
    2006    Anne Witt, Department of Motor Vehicles, District of Columbia 
    2005    Texas Department of Transportation, Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Staff
    2004    AAMVA Staff
    2003    Dan Gill, The Gill Group

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