• Contact Center Working Group

  • The AAMVA Contact Center Working Group is comprised of jurisdiction representatives with vehicle, driver license, IT, and/or contact center management experience. The purpose of the Working Group is to collaborate with AAMVA jurisdictions and other stakeholders to gather, organize, and share information with the AAMVA community related to the effective and efficient management of public agency contact centers.  Specifically, the group will:

    • Research and gain an understanding of the best practices surrounding an optimally run Contact Center. The working group shall establish a single point for collected information and share information with the AAMVA community.
    • Provide the draft best practices to the AAMVA community for review and comment.
    • Review all comments and suggestions and release the Final Best Practices document to AAMVA jurisdictional members.

    For more information on the working group, please contact:

    Patrice Aasmo 
    Director, Member Services, Regions 1 & 2

    Julie Knittle 
    Director, Member Services, Regions 3 & 4


    Jennifer Lynn Bailey 
    Supervisor II
    New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
    Sonia Huestis  
    Deputy Director 
    California Department of Motor Vehicles  
    Matthew Britton 
    Saskatchewan Government Insurance
    Nicola Jackson  
    Quality Analyst 
    Georgia Department of Revenue  
    Melissa Burkhart 
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles
    Shantel Marie Lege  
    Field Administrator - North 
    Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles  
    Joseph Cotton  
    Bureau Chief 
    Florida Dept.of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles 
    Douglas Shultz  
    Deputy Director of Contact Center Operations 
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles  
    Leslie Dews  
    Deputy Administrator, Field Operations 
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration   
    Melletta Spinner  
    Division Manager 
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles  
    Patricia Ferris  
    MV Division Manager 
    Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles 
    Ashley Zilverberg  
    Information & Data Services Supervisor 
    South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles 

    AAMVA Staff Project Managers   

    Patrice Aasmo  

    Director, Member Services, Regions 1 & 2 

    Julie Knittle  
    Director, Member Services, Regions 3 & 4 



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